Nets player values

A lot of trade talk has been going on this offseason, and hardly any of the forum members seem to agree on anything!  So I decided to put together a list of our 10 best players in order of long term value.  I won't bother to list the third stringers.  Bare in mind, this isn't to be taken as "we should trade the ones at the bottom".  With trades, you must also take into consideration the imbalance of the roster.  For instance, if you trade Murphy, regardless of value, you are left with a 19 year old rookie manning the 4 spot.  Hardly ideal!   This is simply a list of what the players mean to the Nets of future;  in my humble opinion of course :)


1) Brook Lopez: Plain and simple, he IS our future.  Regardless of who the Nets obtain, I am convinced that 5 years down the line, the broadcasters will be saying "Kevin Durant and the Thunder get ready to take on Brook Lopez and the Nets"!

2) Derrick Favors: Granted, he hasn't played a single game yet.. but he was the #3 pick in the draft, and is expected to become a MONSTER, giving the Nets the hands down BEST starting big men in the league for years to come. We can't give up on that opportunity.. even if it's still speculation, and perhaps even a dream.

3) Terrence Williams: The versatility he brings, along with his youth make him a very valuable asset to the Nets.

4) Devin Harris: Clearly one of the better players on our team, but being a bit older, and having an off year drops him down a bit.

5) Anthony Morrow: Im sure it may surprise people that I have him this high, but I think he is essential to the Nets plan this year. So far, he HAS been one dimensional, but bare in mind that he is still young, arguably the best 3 point shooter in the league, and a steal given his salary.

6) Travis Outlaw: His contract has been questioned, but on a team like the Nets.. he is clearly the next most valuable.  It doesn't hurt that his contract doesn't go past 30 either.

7) Damion James: Again, hasn't played a game yet, but is expected to be a very servicable player, and is young.  Of all the players listed, I would say James is most likely to move up as the season progresses.

8) Troy Murphy: Probably the only player in the league who can average 10RPG and 35%+ 3PT shooting. A huge expiring contract, which makes life easier for trades. It is probably shocking that he is this low! He is, however, on the wrong side of 30, which does devalue him, and his future is unclear (ie. one year rental, or re-signs on the cheap and retires at home).

9) Jordan Farmar: One of the better back up PGs in the league. Has championship experience and is still young.

10) Johan Petro: A servicable big man, but clearly the weakest link of our 10 deep roster.

Please.. feel free to make your own lists.  I am actually curious if most of us are on the same page!

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