For Those of You Who Follow Baseball

I wrote this on another forum, and I thought I'd share it with you guys:

There are a few connections between the potential four-team Carmelo deal and a deal the Yankees had nearly sealed up before this year's trade deadline.

Back in July, it was being reported by multiple newspapers and sports shows that the Yankees were putting final touches on a deal to bring over Cliff Lee in a deal that would be sending Jesus Montero, Zach McAllister, and David Adams. I was very, very worried, assuming the deal would go through.

Here are some similarities between the two negotiations:

1) Potential was being given up in both deals. In the Nets' case, it's Derrick Favors. For the Yankees, it was their top prospect, Jesus Montero. Neither had played a game for their teams.

2) The superstar being brought over was in the final year of his contract. The Yankees are expected to go after Cliff Lee after this offseason, so many assumed that this winter, Lee would be willing to re-sign. As for the Nets, they are only bringing over Melo if he agrees to an extension. The Yankees don't sign extensions during a season, so that's a different story.

3) I believe both deals could range from being a major disaster to a success. If Cliff Lee came over, it could have possibly allowed the Yankees to speed past competition this year and win it all. If he were to re-sign, the Yankees have the two starters from Game 1 of the 2009 World Series on the same team for some time. On the other hand, Cliff Lee could also choose to sign with someone else following the 2010 season, and the Yankees could get ripped off. Why? If Jesus Montero is putting together a Hall of Fame career in Seattle, or even an all-star one, the Yankees end up getting four months out of a superstar pitcher and possibly a ring, but nothing after that, in exchange for a big-time hitter, another top 20 prospect in the organization, and a third minor-leaguer.

For the Nets, if Anthony continues his superstar career in Jersey (and then Brooklyn), likes where he is, possibly draws Chris Paul, and the Nets rise in the rankings, the trade is in all likelihood a success, depending on how Favors fares in Denver and Harris wherever he lands. But if Anthony does not like where he is, while Favors thrives in Denver and Harris is in 08-09 form, we're regretting the trade.

4) One deal broke down. The other is reportedly less likely to happen (though, of course, sources continue to conflict with that).

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