Terrence Williams as starting PG?

Should T-Will start at PG with deal imminent?


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I have a good feeling the majority of Nets fans will dislike this idea... and to my knowledge, this has not been suggested by any insiders or analysts as a viable option for the upcoming season.

Someone might remember I advocated for T-Will starting at SF over Outlaw several weeks back on a fanpost - so this is quite a change of theory, but given the potential complete roster shake-up, I think this is actually a better fit for Williams; playing point guard ironically. Williams will not have to compensate for being undersized at SG or SF (listed @ 6-6 but most say he is 6-3 1/2 or 6-4 in reality) and not having a pure jumpshot or anything close to it - but conversely he could maximize his other assets i.e. setting the table on offense, playing aggresively and physically on both ends, aiding in transition D, starting the fast break, and most importantly penetrating and kicking with the ball.


Potential Starting lineup contingent on the blockbuster trade

PG - T Williams

SG - A Morrow

SF - C Anthony

PF - T Murphy

C - B Lopez


Key bench players: T Outlaw, J Farmar, D James, K Humphries (still a seemingly rock-solid second unit)

Yes, if Augustin was to be sent to NJ, it would obviously make it more obvious on paper hat T-Will should stick to playing the 2 this season, but I for one am not convinced Augustin or Farmar are physical or talented enough to start nightly against above average PG's (almost every team seems to have one) CP3, D-Will, Rondo, Nash, Parker, Rose, Kidd, Westbrook, Billups, Collison, Wall, Evans, Harris!, B Davis, Ellis/Curry  etc. 

My thoughts are that the team will be far more physical and athletic from top to bottom and potentially more well rounded with T-Will inserted as the PG, and meanwhile the second unit is still above average to say the least. As for T-Wills bball iq, decision making and ball-handling skills, they have been called dubious at times, but he steadily improved throughout last year in all of these categories in a rookie campaign mind you- and its obvious a genuinely  intelligent and motivational coaching staff will automatically instill the type of intangibles it will take for him to quickly mature as a sophomore in the league. Also, with two bona fide studs in Melo (top 6 player in the league) and Lopez (arguably top 3 center in the league,) this will easily take the load off of the ball handling responsibilities because Melo and Lopez command so many touches (a good thing). But the Nets still need a PG that can slash into the lane at will, penetrating and dishing - and I certainly see T-Will being a far better facilitator in this regard than Farmar or Augustin (if acquired) Morrow, Murphy and Outlaw will be the main guys flooding the 3 pt area for the majority of the game, so I personally don't think we need to add Farmar or Augustin for super heavy minutes when their strongest attributives are their relatively good shooting range and consistency for PGs - I'd like to see that in my second unit.

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