Five Topics about Melo and the Nets

The semi-patented cpaw 5x5 takes a look at Melo's potential addition to the Nets.  Here are five topics on Carmelo Anthony and the Nets, each with five discussion points.

Reasons to trade for Melo

1) Melo is an elite offense force of not just this era, but of all time.  There are only two other players in the current NBA that have his combination of post and perimeter scoring ability and their names are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

2) Melo is a recognized All Star and the type of building block that few teams have and is rarely available in a trade.

3) Melo is a difference maker.  Even with his flaws and weaknesses, he has never missed the playoffs.

4) Marketing, marketing, marketing.  Adding Melo wins the hearts and minds of many casual fans who only know the big names.

5) Melo is not yet as good as he could be.  In addition to being young, the offense George Karl has run over the years has not taken full advantage of Melo's range of skills.


Reasons not to trade for Melo

1) Melo has only elevated his team out of the first round of the playoffs one time.

2) We've spent three or more months salivating over Derrick Favors' potential and don't want to lose that mental investment.

3) Any trade involving both Favors and Troy Murphy leaves the Nets with a fatal weakness at power forward for this season.  

4) The Nets won't have the depth to withstand a significant injury, especially if Brook Lopez gets hurt.

5) Adding Melo will lower Devin Harris' trade value since he won't get as many shot attempts.  (Hey I needed a 5th reason)


What the rotation would look like

1) If both Favors and Murphy are traded, I expect to see a lot of both Outlaw and Melo playing in a lineup where they both switch defensive match ups.

2) Damion James is going to have to be ready to play a bigger role in the rotation and will likely have to spend time defending power forwards.

3) Joe Smith and Johan Petro will have to contribute as they move into the roles of second and third big men.

4) Anthony Morrow likely becomes the starter at shooting guard because of his ability to stretch the defense.

5) Brook will need to play huge minutes because of the drop off to Petro.  With Murphy, Brook has the potential to earn a few more minutes of rest during the season.


How does this fit Avery's vision

1) In Dallas, Avery Johnson built the offense around Dirk's unique talents.  With Melo, he can do something similar.

2) Travis Outlaw can be used as a stretch power forward in the same way that Avery wants to use Murphy.

3) The possibilities of a pick and roll two man game between Melo and Brook works into Avery's desire for an efficient offense.

4) The guard rotation isn't altered significantly, so the majority of the defensive pressure schemes Avery was planning can still be utilized.

5) With less quality big men, Brook may not be able to be as aggressive in blocking and altering shots as Avery was planning.


Improving this potential new core in future summers

1) The proposed trade of Favors and Murphy only removes one of the Nets future draft picks, so there will multiple chances to add talent from the college ranks.

2) If the next CBA adds a hard cap, the Nets might not be able to use their MLE in future summers because of Melo's contract and the need to reserve space for Brook's next contract.

3) Devin or Terrence Williams can be traded for a PF.

4) With the arms race to build teams with multiple top tier stars, the Nets would become an attractive destination by having Melo and a still improving Brook.  

5) Adding role players is much easier than finding a building block.  While Thorn was incapable of doing it, many teams are able to find lunch bucket type power forwards who don't need a lot of shot attempts.

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