How to make a GOOD offer

I am real shocked by the RIDICULOUS offers being made both in the media and on this forum with regards to Carmelo Anthony.  Lopez?  Really???  The #3 pick? Really???

I have seen many people try to explain why this is ridiculous in previous posts by evaluating past trades.  That doesn't seem to be working, so I will just mention ONE single trade for reference purposes.  The greatest trade of our generation, in which the most coveted player in the NBA, the sure fire way to a championship (which he provided), the most dominant player in perhaps NBA history:  Shaquille O'neal from the Lakers.  Given his enormous value, and EVERY team in the league making offers, take a look at what the Lakers felt was the absolute BEST for this monster of a player..


Caron Butler: Not the Caron Butler we know today, no the 24 year old, 2 year player who averaged 9 points on shooting 38% from the field Caron Butler.  The Caron Bulter who was later traded for Kwame freakin Brown!

Brian Grant: Not the Brain Grant from Portland who was a double-double machine, no, the 32 year old Brian Grant who averaged 3 points and 3 rebounds in 68 games for the Lakers that year, before being allowed to walk and retire after 1 more year in Phoenix.  That Brian Grant.  He was simply an expiring contract for CBA purposes.

Lamar Odom: Same Lamar we know now.  The versatile big man who was averaging a solid 17 and 10 at the young age of 24.  This is who the trade was centered around.

1st Round Pick 2 years later: Not a lottery pick no, the #26 pick.  The Lakers, I'm sure, were expecting the pick to be that late, as a team with Shaq and Wade was destined to dominate.  The pick, ironically, turned out to be Jordan Farmar.


That is it!  That is what it took to land the BIG ARISTOTLE in his PRIME!  And we talkin Lopez now???  You can't be serious.  For Shaq, after talking to EVERY GM IN THE LEAGUE, the Lakers received a great young prospect in Lamar, a good prospect in Caron, an expiring contract, and ONE late first rounder 2 years later.

So I ask you.  What would you offer for Carmelo???

The situation is tough, because if this happens before December 15th, we HAVE TO include either Devin or Murphy.  It is unfortunate that this Melo news didn't leak out last month when we could have offered Courtney, Williams + 14 million T.E.  Oh well, it is what it is.  Right now though, this is what I consider a FAIR deal.  Fair, of course, meaning by "disgruntled star" standards.  Fair meaning, what the history of past trades has shown to be fair.  And finally, fair meaning what most GMs in the league would consider fair.


2 routes.. Harris or Murphy.

The Harris Route: Harris is already an all star.  If they are taking Harris from us, then he is the center of the package.  He is THE guy they are getting from us.  Then we throw in a supplemental young prospect, Damion James.  Then, an expiring contract to make the numbers work, Kris Humphries.  Finally, we give them a draft picks.  The Nets 2011.  With Terrence running the point and Carmelo and Lopez being our stars.. the pick would probably be in the early 20s.


The Murphy Route:  Because Murphy is an expiring deal, and hardly a young stud, we would have to include more in this.  Favors and Lopez are STUDS!  Studs are not traded away easily, especially if you have GOOD, YOUNG PROSPECTS!  I would center the trade around Terrence Williams... he would be THE guy.  Again, Damion James would be the complimentary piece.  Since Terrence is hardly a Harris, we would give them 2 draft picks.  Nets 2011 and 2013.  I would love to have a side deal done with Denver agreeing to buy out Murphy and him returning to NJ, but who knows.


Both those trades can have 3 million in cash included, as Prokhorov is doing well for himself. 

Now, I don't know if Denver can do better or not, but this is the way things SHOULD be done.  If Denver finds a sucker, it finds a sucker.  I mean to be honest, if with one of these trades, our roster is pretty imbalanced.  Travis Outlaw, our BIG signing of the summer is now relegated to the bench playing BEHIND OUR BEST PLAYER!  7 million for 5 years just to play 10-15 mpg??  We would have to find someone to take on that contract.  So basically, I won't be crying if we fail to land Anthony.


On a final note... the Golden State pick needs to be viewed as a lottery pick.  It is only 1-7 protected, and the Warriors are in absolute turmoil.  I fully expect the 2012 pick to be top 10.   I may try to convince Denver to take instead of Williams, but otherwise I'm holding on to it.


I recognize that a bunch of Melo lovers may attack me citing "You really think Favors is going to do you better than Carmelo freakin Anthony??".  It is not about that though.  It is about how the NBA works, and what fair value for disgruntled stars is.  Not to mention, stars who can dictate what freakin team they are willin to go to by agreeing or disagreeing to an extention!!!  But.. to answer your question anyway, YES!

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