Melo to the Nets?


Melo to the Nets?


It is

A)  Likely Melo will stay with the Nuggets ( 30%)

B)  Highly likely his two choices for leaving the Nuggets would be the Nets and Knicks (95%)

C)  Likely he chooses the Nets (47%)

D) Maybe he chooses the Knicks (18%)

E)  Chooses another team (5%)


So the Nets chances at Melo= around 47%


There are some reasons why the Nets are much better destination:

1.   Mikhail Prokorov- The Nets owner will again make his pitch. Become a global icon, be rich, get the stuff he has always wanted. The Knicks can not make this happen for Carmelo.

2.    Brooklyn. Melo and his wife’s home town will always hold a place in his heart and if it means Newark for a year, ( probably less) than who cares, I want to be at home.

3.   The Nets are much better than their competition. They have more pieces and better coaching to attract Carmelo.

4.    The chance to be a franchise player on a new team and possibly play with Chris Paul if a trade happens.

I not only believe this, but around basketball it is being said, Melo would be a nice fit for the Nets:

"But make no mistake: this deal was done with Anthony in mind. The Nets will have around $20 million in cap room next summer when Murphy comes off the books, making them just as plausible a destination for Anthony as the Knicks if Anthony decides not sign the $65 million extension from Denver that's been sitting there for a month. And New Jersey still has a lot of assets -- guard Devin Harris, the 2012 first-round pick it has from Golden State, newly signed guard Anthony Morrow, heck, maybe even Favors -- it can offer in a package to New Orleans for Paul, whom it has been trying to get as well. Not to mention the largesse of Mikhail Prokhorov's wallet, which can write out $3 million checks to other teams for years to come"

This, according to


Accoring to HoopesVibe, Mikhail Prokorov intense hope to begin a rivalry with the Knicks should lead him to perusing Carmelo Anthony with everything he’s got.  He wants to be a winner now, and that should get him Carmelo, not matter what the price.


Billups, and I quote, said this, hinting Melo may leave


"It's between me and my guy.  If y'all have a close personal friend, and they're going through something and the media asks, you're not going to expose that.  Y'all find out when he wants y'all to know. 






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