The way I see it as a non-nets fan, playoffs is being too optimisic

Okay, before I say anything I want to say that I'm not a Nets fan. I'm a Wizards fan, and I came across this site while checking out the 4-way trade articles, and came to realize that apparently a lot of the Nets fans think that they will be making the playoffs. I'm not saying that they can't, and in fact I do believe that it has become a good possibility with the Murphy trade. But at best case scenario I see the Nets at 7-8th seed and that's if EVERYTHING goes right, which means no injuries, prospects improve like they're supposed to, no problems whatsoever, etc, etc. More below the jump.

I'm going to be realistic though, and say that to be fairly honest, I didn't even consider the Nets to be contenders for the playoffs before the Murphy trade. And even afterwards, I still think that our Wizards are better, but then again I know I'm majorly biased so I won't argue on that part. But here's why I think realistically that the Nets aren't going to make the playoffs.

1. Defense
Okay, I admit that I don't know inside-out everyone on the Nets roster. But here are the things I do know. Last year the Nets were horrible on the defensive end. Okay, there are lotsof new players and last year's stats don't really mean much. Except for the fact that 60% of the starters from last year are back. Yes Harris was injured and couldn't really play well, and t-will came on late, and brook lopez is an awesome defender, or people think so. Harris was always an average defender at best, and he is the number 1 option on offense which means he won't give it all on defense, that's a problem. I watched almost all the summer games this summer and when I saw t-will, he never really committed to defense. He also seemed like he had a huge ego, it could be because it was the summer leagues, but from glimpses I catched last year he didn't really commit (and that's what I also read when I was reading around the fansite). Yes all he has to do is commit, but that's harder than it sounds. He does have the tools to be a great defender, but it even took Lebron at least 3~4 seasons to become a good defender at best. I think t-will will be a great defender one day, just not this year. Oh and Brook Lopez. I do love him, I believe he has the potential to be the best offensive center in the league for years to come. But I've read somewhere that his defense is overrated because of his stats. He gets lots of blocks because he is long, but he isn't a great post man-to-man defender. Of course he could improve, but I also saw a lot of other players in the league that could "also improve" and never did. I'm not quite sure he can improve so fast in one year.

2. Injuries
This is the biggest reason why I don't think everything will go the Nets way this year. Harris is coming off an injured prone season, and has been injured frequently the past 3 seasons. Of his 6 year career, he only had two 70+ game seasons, and those two came while he never had to be the 1st option on the team, his 1st and 3rd year in the NBA. Ever since he came to the Nets, he has been getting injured. I assume he's going to me missing some games next year as well. That's a huge problem for the nets, because personally I don't see Farmar as that good of a player. Sure he's athletic, and can shoot. I don't know if he's a good passer, but here's one thing I do know: he has a low basketball IQ. He's kind of like JR Smith in that sense, and a player like that will often have highlight reels, but can never lead a team to victory. It's good to know that Brook didn't miss a single game last year. But big men always get injured, and once they do they never cope well with it. Speacking of which, Brook Lopez had to even pull out of the US Team this year because of mononucleosis. Now I don't know what the heck that is, but hearing about how he's been performing hasn't been too good.

3. As much as the Nets got better it's hard to..
Improve by 30 wins in one season without signing one of the superstars of the league. Here is what ESPN predicts to happen in the east next season Sure this doesn't mean much, but it shows you the objective perspectives outside the Nets fanbase. Yes, this was before Murphy came along, but I'm not quite sure the addition of Murphy (and don't forget about the subtraction of lee.. he by the way is a great defender, something the Nets could use) is equavilant to 10 wins. If it did, then the Pacers should have been making the playoffs.

I just want you guys to know that this is only an opinion of a non-Nets fan. I'm just throwing my opinion out there because I love basketball and I love talking about things (like debating over a topic). I'm not trying to offend anyone, or start a fight because as I said, I'm a Wizards fan and now I think it's hard to say I believe we are better than the Nets. But I do welcome criticism as long as it's not offensive..haha

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