As hard as it is going to be, we need to be patient and positive....

So, I remembered reading an article a few days ago when the over consensus on here was a lot more positive (the EXTREMET negativity that has ensued in the past 24 hours is a bit disheartening) and there were a few things that I thought were important that we should all be considering before we act as if LeBron is no longer a possibilty. 


Look, we didn't get Amare, we didn't get Bosh and we didn't get Wade.  That is unfortunate, but at the end of the day, we KNEW we weren't getting Wade, and let's face it, is Amare or Bosh worth the max?  LeBron wanted us to be prepared to have room for two max guys so he can take the guy of his choice, well, all of his max buddies are gone.  So, now we have enough money to bring LeBron in and whatever sidekick he chooses (Boozer or Lee).    This leads me to what I read a few days ago:


"Team president Rod Thorn continues to speak to people in James' camp to see what he's thinking and where the Nets stand. But Thorn also is talking to representatives of other free agents to let them know the Nets are interested but probably need a few more days."


"We talked [Saturday], we talked [yesterday] and we'll talk again [today]," said Lee's agent, Mark Bartelstein. "The Nets have real interest in David. It's huge. But they are waiting to see what happens. In essence, they're being held hostage by LeBron James."


With those two in mind, Rod has been working the phones and keeping in touch.  We haven't heard much because it seems to be more or less updating things as the days go on, but NOTHING had gone on for this past week, so there was nothing to talk about.


Let's see how today goes in terms of if there is any contact and discussions with Lee and Boozer as well as if anything comes up in regards to another Chris paul rumor.


I think today will be an indicator of where Rod thinks we stand, I think he needs to go out, get a feel for who LeBron would prefer (Boozer or Lee) and then he needs to go out and agree to a deal with that guy.  If there is no news on the Boozer/Lee front today, we could be looking at a serious disaster.


But, look, we need to stay positive.  We will have PLENTY of time to be disappointed and negative tomorrow night at 10pm if things don't go our way, why put a damper over these last hectic 35 hours?  Let's stay positive and enjoy the ride for the final day and a half.  We were all riding high before the draft lotteyr until the wind was taken out of our sails, let's stay positive and hope for the best, because after all, we can't really do any more than that,


Come on Rod, we need you NOW more than ever.

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