Tyrus Thomas Rumor

Hey guys- California fan here. Been a fan since as long as ive been watching bball and petrovic with the nets. Love this site, absolutely live on it.

I couldn't predict this at all. tyrus thomas? not sure how i feel. ridiculous athletic- still very young- never had a real coach- never played with another big that commanded attention. his per48 numbers are good- 22 13 and 3blks according to hoopstats. but a big contract? i dont know- interesting read tho. i can see the interest and especially if we feel we can develop him- definitely has the talent and athleticism to be alot more than he is. but again him and favors could be redundant. interested to read everyones comments.

Here is the link

Tyrus Thomas could receive a heavily frontloaded offer sheet from the Nets, according to league sources.

If the Nets are unable to sign LeBron James, Chris Bosh or Dwyane Wade, then Thomas would become a prime target.

Since Thomas is a restricted free agent, the Bobcats would have seven days to make a decision on matching.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sport


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Basic things ive noticed- ppl need to relax about freeagency and about over spending. 

-we wont get wade

-amare is gone- thankfully, didnt want him. no defense. and injuries are scary

-lebron is 50%

-david lee- i would like for a 50-70mill contract

bosh- great pickup even tho i think he is slightly overrated. anyone who cant take a toronto team to an 8th seed isnt a superstar. hes just a really good 2.

boozer- would rather not get- but if none of the aforementioned worked- would be a nice 4 yr pickup.


in my eyes tho- if we dont get lebron and bosh- we relax. really develop players and get luis scola. nice cheap hard nosed player that would also allow favors to develope. get luis scola, mike miller and bring keyon back ( love u keyon, class act, great guy-chilled with him a few times afer his games at sac and golden state)

if we get lebron- i feel like we will get either bosh or lee. MAN do i hope we get lebron- but if not- relax. we will still have cap space. we will still have prokhy. we will still haven a young nucleus. 

2011 isnt grim- carmelo- c butler, david west, etc. carmelo has proven he is a SUPERstar- taken teams deep in playoffs- doesnt choke. not a liability on defense- great offensive game that doenst rely simply on athleticism. So i really wouldnt have a problem with waiting for 2011 if we cant get lebron- its not worth spending money- it really isnt.

devin harris will have a better season hands down this yr- i predict 17-7-3-2stls. his fg% should incease by about 3-5%. less 3pntrs and we'll be reminded of his defense.

brook will actually have plays drawn up! he wont have to start his moves from 25 feet away! yay! poor guy got jacked and worked his ass off. 24-9-2.

these two guys combined with a scola( and to a less extent al harrington- but the boy can score) and a mike miller with all the young pieces will get us into the playoffs. I am quite certain of it- we wont make much noise- but we will be fun to watch again. i saw the summer league game- i love twill. i really hope he continuse to develop- especially his shot. i really think he can be a strange fusion of andre iguodola, deng, and grant hill. i REALLY hope he continues to develop.

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