New Jersey Nets - Summer League Notes - Game 1

Disclaimer: It's just summer league and it was just one game... These are just some of my notes from the game written for those who missed it.

#18 Ben Uzoh -

Can not remember Uzoh hitting a single shot inside, especially in the early going. He showed nice form on his three-point attempts and connected on them at an acceptable rate but was eaten alive when guarding Jrue Holiday. Didn't show too much playmaking skills but didn't get much of a chance to handle the ball until the third quarter.

Regardless did not look like a true point guard.

#35 Brian Zoubek:

Was pretty much invisible, what did stand out however is that he is SLOW. Zoubek was helpless anytime a player faced up against him, was beaten to a number of rebounds, and picked up a handful of fouls on late rotations / block attempts. 

#14 Derrick Favors -

Energetic and active Favors uses his body well when tracking down rebounds. Currently not much of a threat to put the ball on the floor but on the 2-3 sequences that he did good things happened (clearly remember Favors drawing a foul on two such sequences). Jumper wasn't falling, release looked awkward, body somewhat contorted when going up for shot (didn't seem to go straight up). Had one nice give-and-go play with Damion James, unlike many young players Favors does not suffer from tunnel vision.

Defensively Favors holds his ground extremely well which is probably due to the fact that he's already as strong as an ox. While he was impressive in one-on-one situations / defending post-ups he was bit over eager in help defense situations and was chumped into a handful of fouls.

Favors is a bit raw offensively, but there's no questioning his effort level. Would like to see him be a bit more assertive (to better assess where his post game stands), but with the lack of spacing in summer league play it's hard for any non-guard to consistently get looks around the basket.

#10 Damion James -

Played within the offense, had trouble connecting on shots from the outside. A number of his shots seemed to end in quasi-knuckle balls and were consequently off to the right of the rim, not sure if this was his typical shot release or just a bad shooting day. Had multiple turnovers when trying to create his own offense (stripped up top, turnover on post-up, etc.). Athleticism stood out on plays. Seems to be more of a catch-and-shoot player / slasher, will benefit from playing in a structured offense with a real point guard. Routinely overpowered smaller players in the post.

Good intensity on defense, spent some time guarding Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner but struggled with staying with them on some sequences. 

Projects as a SF right now. Didn't press the issue. Would like to see him use his length better defensively.

#1 Terrence Williams -

A man amongst boys. Williams played pretty loosely the whole game but was still able to get into the lane at will. Seemed content setting up other players instead of looking for his own shot, assist number vastly understates the number of open looks he created (would have had double digit assist numbers with ease had even half of the uncontested looks he generated went in). Took less floaters than he did in the past, 2-point jump shot looked pretty much the same (still needs work), same with free throws.

Really had the ball on a string. Was tremendous in drive-and-kick situations. A few of his turnovers came from playing so care-free / when trying to set things up for others while he was still on the perimeter.

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