Contracts For Sale


Buyers remorse is a common theme in the NBA. Many times, when a team signs a star to a bad contract, or said star does not live up to the hype, they look to dump them on a team with cap space. The most recent examples of this practice during the off-season have been Al Jefferson and Hedo Turkgolu to Utah and Phoenix, respectively. Currently, the Nets have ~$15 million in cap space remaining.


Here are some players whose teams are unhappy buyers:




Gilbert Arenas - Washington Wizards

(2010-11 Salary $17,730,694 million /4 years remaining)

Two words: John Wall. Gil-Zero signed his $100+ million contract when the late Abe Pollin was still the owner of the Wizards. After a year that put his personal life and professional career through the meat grinder, Wall has made this former face of the franchise expendable. The Nets need someone that can score at will, and Arenas could use a new start. He could play SG, and provide NJ some legitimate star power.


Baron Davis - L.A. Clippers

(2010-11 Salary $13,050,000 million /3 years remaining)

Davis signed with his hometown Clippers with the intention of playing alongside Elton Brand. After Brand spurned the Clippers for Philadelphia, and some seriously underwhelming years on an injury-riddled squad, it is known that L.A. is shopping Davis. He is a better shooter than Devin Harris, and would make a good inside/outside tandem with Brook Lopez.


Rip Hamilton - Detroit Pistons

(2010-11 Salary $12,650,000 million /3 years remaining)

Detroit is looking to rebuild, and Hamilton is one of the last pieces left over from the powerhouse team that led the East for so many years. Even though he is coming off of a season hampered by injury, he is a leader and a winner. Plus, he could work well with Avery Johnson defensively.




Elton Brand - Philadelphia 76ers

(2010-11 Salary $15,959,099 million /3 years remaining)

If the Nets can steal away Brand for spare parts, it would be ideal. He is a dominant scorer/rebounder, even though he has not lived up to his contract. After a season of ups and downs, he could use a change of scenery. He would be a great mentor for Derrick Favors and be a solid veteran presence on the roster.


Andrei Kirilenko - Utah Jazz

(2010-2011 Salary $17,882,187 /expiring)

It is time for the Nets to make the Russian connection. Beyond Prokhy, this contract would be ideal for New Jersey; it is expiring, and Kirilenko would fit in perfectly. He can play PF and is a crazy stat stuffer. He has the ability to go for a 5/5 (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks) on any given night. Once his contract expires, Derrick Favors can step right in.


Emeka Okafor - New Orleans Hornets

(2010-11 Salary $11,540,375 million /4 years remaining)

Okafor is a defensive stalwart, and had some very productive years in Charlotte. Him focusing on defense would allow Lopez to focus on his post game and scoring. That being said, his contract is too rich for too long (preventing re-tradability), which would prevent Favors from stepping in to the starting lineup.




Marcin Gortat - Orlando Magic

(2010-11 Salary $6,322,320 million /4 years remaining)

"The Polish Hammer" is upset about his playing time in Orlando. With his strength and attitude, he can play as a solid defensive PF without the need to score. I think he can start alongside Brook Lopez, and go back to the bench when it is time for Favors to step up.



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