Why the Nets Should Still Target Richard Jefferson


Why the Nets Should Still Target Richard Jefferson


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Hear me out folks: 


It is in my opinion that the Nets should still be targeting a second tier, semi-star caliber small forward capable of dropping 25 on any given night, defending the premiere 3's of the league, and providing some sort of veteran (deep playoff experience) leadership to this young, up-and-coming team. 


Think of the starting five this way --- 


T Williams




Add a full, very impressive second unit of Farmar, C Lee, Morrow, Outlaw (+Humphries) Petro.


Yes, I understand everyone voicing the need for a legitimate starting power forward to join Brook Lopez up front, but I am fully convinced that even with the rawness and inexperience of Favors, he would be at a full advantage to play with two studs Jefferson and Lopez in the frontcourt, and they easily would help pick up the slack for him on either end of the court. I would much rather live with the up and downs of Favors in his rookie campaign than with those of Travis Outlaw's (tremendously injury prone and inconsistent, woeful on D ---imagine him trying to play 35 min against the top SF's in the league then trying to get his offense going--- I would love him as a 6th or 7th man on this team to provide offensive sparks off the bench). I think the need for a"stopgap" PF at this stage of the game is overrated, and that if the Nets are serious about making a concerted and serious push to make the playoffs and/or not be embarrassed in the first round, I absolutely feel RJ would provide the glue the Nets NEED, given the aforementioned attributes of RJ. 


As far as $ is concerned, I would love to see a 3 year deal signed; it would't bother me at all even if it was for 9 to 10 mill a season. It is blatantly obvious that he could not gel with the Spurs last season, but let's take a look at his career statistics:


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Besides for the two seasons discrediting this, you can all but count on him to play a full one. Effort, hustle and ability to create camaraderie has never been something he has been criticized on, and he is a proven scorer, who can create off the dribble, finish in traffic, slash without the ball, score in transition, and GET TO THE LINE at will. His defense he exhibited throughout the Nets unprecedented runs at NBA titles were noteworthy. Again, this team needs a real leader that can provide tangibles and intangibles alike; and I feel this would be a mutually beneficial move for both RJ and for the Nets - who are highly talented with some direction and purpose - but lacking in a true SF and a team captain or equivalent. There is no question his athleticism and all around ability at the SF position would do wonders for this team, and I think he would fit into this lineup like an absolute dream.

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