The PF that the nets need to trade for is...........................

PAUL MILLSAP of the Utah Jazz:

here's a few reasons why;

1.  Milsap fills our current needs perfectly at PF.  See scouting report from draftexpress:  Scouting Report

these are a few positives from the scouting report on Millsap:

"A role-player who doesn’t need plays called for him, and still manages to be extremely productive. Gets most of his offense by moving off the ball, crashing the offensive glass, and running the floor in transition. Shoots a very high percentage from the field, as he appears to understand his role extremely well and plays to his strengths in a major way"

"Has excellent hands and finishes extremely well around the basket due to his smarts, terrific touch, body control, and ability to use both hands effectively. Runs the floor harder than anyone, often beating opponents down the court through sheer effort. Gets to the free throw line at a very good rate, and converts nearly 70% of his attempts once there."

"Unselfish player who has improved his feel for how to operate in a half-court offense underJerry Sloan’s tutelage. Posts a positive assist to turnover ratio, and has gradually made strides in this area year by year. Tremendous offensive rebounder."

"Very aggressive defender who puts a lot of effort in and takes pride in his play. Defends both the 4 and the 5 spots in Utah, which can lead to some mismatches. Not afraid to stick his nose in and take a charge. Has good lateral quickness and is effective stepping out and hedging screens."

"Very good defensive rebounder"


2.  It appears that the Jazz do not plan to use him as a starter, so he's probably obtainable.    The following quotes are from 

"The Utah Jazz, needing to show both their fans and their remaining star Deron Williams that it can overcome the loss of both Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver, was close Monday night to acquiring forward Al Jefferson from the Minnesota Timberwolves for a package that is believed to only include, at present, draft picks, according to several league sources. The Jazz would absorb Jefferson's $13 million salary for next season into the large trade exception they received last week by agreeing to a sign-and-trade deal for Boozer, who signed a five-year, $80 million deal with the Bulls.

Talks picked up between the teams on Monday, and while the deal was not officially done Monday night, discussions were "percolating," according to a league source. Jazz CEO Greg Miller Tweeted Monday night, "I just approved a Jazz roster move that I'm very excited about. Planning to share details tomorrow."

Jefferson's low-post skills would certainly replace Boozer's nicely, and allow Utah to continue using Paul Millsap as a key reserve off the bench instead of having to make him the full-time starter."

Maybe a three-team trade between Jersey - Minnesota-Utah

New Jersey sends  draft pick(s)  to Minnesota ( Golden State's Lottery protected pick and our Second Round Pick),

to sweeten the deal New Jersey sends HUMP or TWILL to Utah);

Minnesota sends Al Jefferson to Utah;  

Utah sends Millsap to New Jersey. Utah sends Lottery Protected pick to Minnesota.

 If the financial aspect can be worked out, I think that the trade benefits all parties.

New Jersey get's their starting PF in Paul Milsap;

Minnesota get draft picks/  from New Jersey and Utah, cap relief from getting rid of Jefferson, 

Utah gets the starting PF they desire in Jefferson, and HUMP as a backup for Jefferson or TWILL , a player with potential


3.  I think Millsap would be perfect for this team.  The strengths of his game are exactly what this team needs, rebounding/ tough defense.  Also, hee would fit the whole youth movement as a young veteran (25). In addition,  when Favors is ready to start, Milsap can be a "key reserve off the bench".   


Your thoughts??

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