Warriors Fans' thoughts on Morrow

From the San Francisco Chronicle article about the Morrow trade, there were some interesting comments about losing Morrow and what Golden State fans thought of him.  Overall it was mixed.  Everybody liked him, but it's pretty much accepted that he is solely a spot up shooter, without a handle, not very athletic, poor defender (think eddie house but taller and without the quick release).  

As a Nets fan that watched a lot of Warriors games on League Pass (Stephen Curry is very fun to watch), I've been a fan of Morrow since he was an undrafted rookie who made his NBA debut by starting and scoring 37 pts, by going 15-20 fgs, and 4-5 threes.

Personally, I think he will be a big help and finally be the dependable 3 pt shooter that we have needed.  However, he did play for the warriors who basically give everybody the greenlight and also had stephen curry and monta ellis to set him up and draw defenses.  Hopefully, he and Devin will help eachother and he'll convert on a few big assists each game for Devin. 

Morrow was great his rookie year, partly because no one knew him. I hate to say this, but there are reasons why other teams passed on Morrow: can't dribble, can't protect the ball, can't drive, can't defend, can't rebound, can't jump, and can't run fastbreaks. Once people caught onto his deadly accurasy at the 3-point rage, they began guarding him tight. That was the end of his near 40 point nights. In contrast, Dorrell Wright is physical, highly athletic, and has the demonstrated ability to become a star. Heck, he is already a star and still growing in his abilities.


Morrow is a good spot up shooter who has no idea on how to dribble drive and get into the paint or draw a foul. His success depends on the double team of teammates and the drive and kick. He's a deadly three point shooter that I will miss but he's never going to be a superstar, doesn't have the capability to drive and score, just a spot up shooter and a very iffy defender. I think he will do well in a situation with a team like the Lakers, he would be a great Zone Buster. But being in New Jersey, he's almost 


Morrow will become a star ... just like ... Belinelli?


Sad to see Morrow go, as I think he and Ray Allen might be the best pure shooters in the league right now.

That being said, there's only so much money to go around, and the W's decided to go with DWright instead of Morrow. It might be a big drop in shooting, but I think Wright is the better overall player. It's not like the W's are hurting for scoring; we need defense and length.

Happy for AM though. From undrafted FA to a very nice payday! By all accounts he's a standup citizen, great teammate, and hard worker. He deserves the money, and it's a great feel good story.

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