Is this the most excited you've ever been as a Nets fan? My Nets story.

This week has been pretty crazy. Actually, it's been crazy since the lottery and it's continued into July. I've even been too distracted to manage my fantasy baseball team!

This led me to wonder, is this the most excited I've ever been as a Nets fan? We did go to 2 NBA finals in the past 10 years for crying out loud!  Too answer that, I had to go back, waaayyyyyyy back.

My Nets fandom goes back to the Draz, Mookie Baylock, Chris Morris, DC, Sam Bowie, Special K and Chris Dudley era (he makes J Boone look like Reggie Miller at the free throw stripe!)




I loved Derrick Coleman. Even wanted to get British Knights sneakers since DC sold them. You can see my infatuation with Demarcus Cousins. 

The next guy was outstanding.  Those that got a chance to see him, knew how special he was!


. Drazen-petrovic_medium



Draz was the MAN!  Imagine having a shooter like him on our squad! Those late 80's early 90's team teased me. We made the playoffs and lost to Cleveland (Mark Price era). Thought we were really on to something and then Drazen died. I told a classmate that Draz died in Europe that morning. He said "No way". Told him "I bet you a dollar he died." He did bet me and it's the guiltiest, worst, most despicable dollar I've ever earned. I was punished for that dollar.  How you might ask?

Well DC blew up! At the waistline that is. He never had the desire to be an elite player. Loved to make fun of Karl Malone and say he was better than him, but never put the work (heed my word Cuz, you beter work hard in Sac town!) Kenny Anderson never panned out.  Chris Morris wrote on his sneakers.  Sam Bowie remembered he was Sam Bowie.  Then, us few Nets fans had to endure some bad drafts.  Remember this guy!


: Yinka-dare_medium



This guy was so bad, the Nets (I think Kenny Anderson said it first) nicknamed him Stinka Dare (first name was Yinka for our younger fans).  Stinka (God rest his soul) had in his 4 yr career, 110 games, 4 assists!  For his career.  I know he was the 7ft Nigerian nightmare but man, 4 assists!

 And how bout' Special Ed?




This was Ed O'bannon at his glory.  It sure wasn't as a Net however.  Just goes to show us Nets fans that college performance isn't always the best indicator. He won the NCAA title that year and College player of the Year. I'm not saying Evan Turner won't be good, but nothing is guranteed.


Fast forward to the late 90's/early 2000's. Here is where my passion for Netsdom became revitalized. The Nets did trade up that year(97') to the number 2 spot (that ironically did belong to Philly) and drafted the next Great White Hope:





I loved KVH.  Had to give you a shot of the knee high white socks! Look at him blow past the Oak! But as Nets fans that loved him came to realize, half of the time he drove past a defender baseline he stepped out of bounds! He was a much better version of Yi. And who can forget his bodyguard?:




Unfortunately, this is what we came to know him for. Jayson Williams shot that limo driver and spent the next several years battling in court. On the court, he was great. He was our version of David Lee. Mr. Double-double. He protected Keith Van Horn with a passion, until Stephon Marbury's big head slammed into his knee, ending his career. Without his bodyguard. KVH's career came to an end as well, because without him, he really did turn into Yi. All Kenny A did was get tripped and fell backwards into Williams knee and he ended 2 careers :( . 

Now on to some good stuff.






My next rebirth came with J kidd. We all know about this and I won't get into them much. I did have season tickets for the 2 seasons they went to the finals. I was a medical student at Stony Brook and used to take LIRR out to the Meadowlands! They thrilled us for so many years.  He gave us credibility:






 J kidd was magic, literally and figuratively. He was robbed of an MVP that first season. But he shows us what can happen when you get a star player to play with a very good squad. We got lucky with Kmart and RJ, had Kerry Kittles(NJ gets slammed for not taking Kobe but Kittles had a productive career until his knees gave out. Watch out CP3 fans). I loved doing the N-E-T-S Nets Nets Nets chant. I will always cherish the ability to say my team was in the NBA Finals and I saw them live! Let's not forget our favorite towel waver, Veal as we check out this pic as well as a little love for VC:







Vince Carter Over 7 Footer Player From France via

I know that was while VC was still on Toronto so here's my favorite VC Nets dunk:




Vince Carter Dunk On Alonzo Mourning via

And that takes us a little to our current Nets as we see Devin and Brook. We have a solid core with Twill, Lee, Favors, D James and the above 2.  Plus multiple draft picks, Prohky and JayZ.  We will be in good shape whether Lebron is here or not. Of course I want him here because I think we can Reverse the Curse. 12-70 turns into 70-12! With the King on board, all is possible. I came back this year and got a phenomenal deal on Nets tix. I'm in Sect 3 Row 1! 2 tix. I'm super pumped. I know how I feel. How are you feeling Nets fans?


What's your story? Let NetsDaily hear your story and let's get ready for 2010 season! (and maybe just maybe....)



and then...






Let's go Nets!  N-E-T-S Nets! Nets! Nets!

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