Open Letter to Knicks PR Machine (Marc Berman of the NY Post)


On my morning commute I ended up on a Marc Berman article in the Post written about the Knicks chances of landing Lebron James and other max free agents.  The most comical parts of the article were mentioning Lebron's trip to NYC (which Berman equates with his major interest in the Knicks.....obviously no mention of the fact that he was hanging out with Jay-Z, who also happens to own the Nets), the fact that Lebron looked at a $13 million condo in the Village (are there not 2 teams in the metro area?), and comically mentioned the strong young core the Knicks have in Gallinari, Chandler and Toney Douglas.  Not once are the Nets mentioned as a possible destination, and apparently according to Berman, the competition is centered around Chicago and Miami.  But his article almost suggests to the loyal Knicks readers that Lebron is about to enter contract to buy a NYC apartment (maybe he can get the tax credit for home buyers..) as he is going to sign on the lines with the Knicks at 12.01am Thursday.

The level of homerism in the NY media is truly getting sickening as these journalists have become nothing more than cogs in the Cablevision/James Dolan Knicks PR machine.  I always believed that first and foremost, journalists were supposed to report the news from an unbiased viewpoint, and let the reader form their own opinions, etc.  Apparently if you work as a Knicks beat writer, you take cues from the land of Disney and spin franchise killing decisions into "positive, cap clearing" events, while failing to mention any of the obvious failures of the past 10 years (1 playoff appearance where we promptly swept and embarrassed them, a lack of any real draft picks for eternity, lack of a true viable young core of players, etc).  Apparently Gallinari is the next coming of Larry Bird.

As a Nets fan - it sickens me to read these stories in the NY papers and to hear the absolute nonsense that Knicks fans spew at the mouth. So as I have done in the past, I sent an email to Marc Berman "questioning" his reporting (and as I suspsect will follow suit - Marc will not have the courage to respond).  Anyways, thought this letter was quite amusing and sharing with you guys now:


How can you write this article and not mention the Nets? There is no shot Lebron is going to the Knicks. They continue to be a joke of a franchise with very limited young talent and no picks. The Nets are now the team in NYC. If Lebron leaves Cleveland he's going to NJ or Chicago.

Meanwhile the Knicks will throw max money at Joe Johnson, who will be the next franchise killing contract. What's comical is that the Knicks dealt Jamal Crawford to clear cap space for..........JJ. Crawford was a bigger contributor for Atlanta this year, and is younger and paid in relation to his true impact on the court. Yet another bad decision in a long line of Knicks mismanagement.

Add in the fact that they think Amare is worth max money and want to replace the lone productive player on their roster with him is laughable. Clearly makes sense to target an inferior rebounding big with knee problems.

I recognize you are a Knicks beat reporter and are tasked with perpetuating the Dolan PR machine but please try and retain some journalistic integrity..

Sincerely (long time Nets season ticket holder),
Ryan McGovern

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