Eliminating the Knicks from the Amare competition

Look, we don't know which power forward LeBron wants to play with; Bosh, Amare or Lee.  We know it isn't Boozer because Boozer spurned LeBron and the Cavs the last time he was a free agent.


LeBron can look at this one of two ways: 1) It's Bosh or Amare because they are the bigger names and the "max guys."

2)Lee will come at a less expensive price tage allowing the team he signs with to use that remaining money to add that additional piece whether it be an outside shooter, a backup PG or a backup C.


We are apaprently meeting with Bosh and Wade on Friday, whether it is before or after the Knicks is irrelevant because once they compare what Prokhorov has to say with what Walsh discusses, they will both dismiss the Knicks. 


Here is my issue, supposdely we will be talking to LeBron, Bosh, Wade, Amare, Gay and Lee within the "first few days."  However, I think we need to be more poractive with Amare.


From everything that is being reported, it seems like he is the most intrigued and interested in us and if the Knicks plan on being in LA at midnight to talk to JJ, I think it would be EXTREMELY beneficial to us to swoop into Phoenix at midnight and sit down with Amare before the Knicks can and tell him that if he's in, we can sit down with LeBron at 10am and tell him Amare is onboard if LeBron wants him and we want him. 


We could potentially snag both of them immeadiately.  I know they can't sign until July 8, but we could have verbal agreements from both before July 4 and better yet, since we don't have enough money at the moment to outright sign them both, it'll give us time to figure out which team it will be easier to sign and trade with in order to keep Favors and not be forced to give him away to one of those two teams.  Unfortunately, if this were to be the situation, our future 1st round picks are not going to be too appealing, because if we're putting up

PG: Harris

SG: Lee

SF: LeBron

PF: Amare

C: Lopez


We're porbably going to be a mid to alte 20's first round pick for the forseeable future.


I think we have a REAL shot at LeBron, as good a shot as Chicago and better than everyone else despite what writers/reporters from their respective competing teams are saying.  We need to finish this and land LeBron, the opportunity is here, we need to seize it.  Greatness can be in our immeadiate future if we play or cards right over the next week.


Only time will tell, but this is the time for Rod Thorn to take advantage of the opportunity before him and go out with a bang, as well as, the opportunity Prokhorov has bene waiting for to make his big splash and show he isn't messing around and to prove that he meant it when he said he wanted a ring in five years and wants Knicks fans to abandon the disgusting orange and blue they disgrace the garden with.  The last time the Knicks were in the playoffs LeBron was a sophomore in HS, let's keep that going all the while making every Knick fan miserable over the fact that they have been waiting for this day for over two years and we are the ones who are going to seize it, not them!


Let's Go Nets!!!!!!

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