Time for Proky's Money to Buy This Front Office for the Future and Not Necessarily Just for the King

Prokorov really must seize the moment that has risen as a result of these most recent events:

(1) The foundation they've already laid with Jerry Coangelo
(2) Kevin Pritchard absurdly getting fired
(3) Rod Thorn retiring.

It feels like an amazing series of events is unfolding for the Nets to build the team that they are envisioning both in the front office and on the court.  See this as the foundation for the future:

-Jerry Coangelo as the respected President who has great ties with the admired stars of our league.  This guy is highly respected.

-Pritchard as the edgy and crafty GM who worked beautifully after getting fired an hour before the draft.  The guy is so crafty with trades and cap space.  If he wants something, he pushes to make it happen.  He can constantly bring in the supporting talent that stars need.

-A new coach who is hungry to prove he can be successful and prove his prior shortcomings as he's done throughout his career as we all at Netsdaily have learned about through the likes of Pops and many others who are respected throughout the league.

-A group of young, hard working players like CLee, Twill, Brook, Harris, Lopez and the addition of Favors and Damion James.  This is a very nice starting point for the future.  You can already see that this Nets organization is pushing to make a team with chemistry.  They are truly building from the ground up.

So....all these things should attract Lebron right?  Maybe yes.  Maybe no.  Do I care?  Not the slightest bit.

A little off topic:

First off, I don't think Lebron is coming to Jersey.  The reason?  Chad Ford made a great point that Lebron really wouldn't mind playing in Jordan's shadow.  He stated that he actually really admires MJ's legacy and that he'd embrace the challenge of playing in it in Chicago like Kobe embraced playing in Magic's in LA.  I think he'll see Chicago as the place he can win now given what Chicago did against them in the playoffs.  With Derrick Rose being much more attractive to play with (as of now) than Devin Harris and Bosh likely to tag along, it's safe to say that James is likely (NOT definitely) to land in Chicago.  If the Nets make some ingenious trades that completely floor Lebron its a different story.

Anyways, this is all besides to point of this Fanpost.  Do I really care if Lebron comes to the NJ Brooklyn Nets? Not really.  What I do care about is Prokorov accomplishing (with a splash!) one of his main goals as owner of the Nets.  He said himself that he wants to create a well oiled machine in the front office with excellent chemistry.  Its unlikely we'll get either Presti or R.C. Buford as they both seem highly loyal to their respective organizations. 

The next best option to landing one of those two next to Jerry Coangelo would be to grab Pritchard as GM.   The whole league is furious about what happened to Pritchard.  He's gonna be hot on this market very soon if he already isn't.  Proky should be smart and give him the good bucks to be our new GM.  

Landing both him and Coangelo can be the start of the Nets being the place to be whether or not James comes. 

Now for some pipe-dreaming as a fan:

Despite getting a 65 million dollar extension a few days ago, I believe Melo is likely to wait until free agency next year and not sign any extension with the Nuggets. If he's smart he'll wait to see what's going on with the future of their organization.  I imagine he wants to see if George Karl can move forward and well with them.  Another early exit next year and you can be assured that the NJ Brooklyn Nets will be a prime target for his next destination if he is thinking about having one.

You've maybe heard it from me before, but I'd love for Melo to be the guy that puts the Nets over the top in the future especially since he's a Brooklyn native.  Other than Lebron and KD, can you have a better star to represent you as Nets fans on the verge of the move to Brooklyn?  I think not.  Plus Melo's not the prima donna that the King is :P.  He's really developed his character very nicely from his early years in the league.  He's max contract worthy on and off the court.  With this front office in place, I think he could be our guy if things go awry in Denver next year. 

If we don't land Lebron, I'd really like for our new guys to develop along with our current guys, pick up a guy like Haslem to start in front of Favors (so he can get some good mentorship and develop at a nice pace) and grab some other supporting pieces to help this team make some noise next year.  I'm not sure I want them throw big money at Gay if we don't land Lebron.  I'd say maybe throw big money at Amare since he doesn't cramp the possibility of landing Melo like Gay would being that Gay is a 3.

If the Nets land Pritchard, I think they'll have a guy who can make the right moves next year if the Nets do happen to make a premature move this summer.

So in summary, I just think the Nets have to take advantage of what has unfolded here int he past couple of days and solidify a QUALITY front office that players would want to work with down the line.  Just one more step in the Nets Quest for the NBA Championship.


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