One more plea to Rod and Nets fans for Big Cuz

I want all the Cousins haters to watch and read a couple of things before they make their final judgements about Demarcus Cousins.  Lets start with the article that was posted earlier by Daniel Marks of DIME magazine entitled "Nets Will Make a Huge Mistake if They Pass on Demarcus Cousins"


Just a couple of highlights from this article:

Cousins’ skill set is off the charts. He is massive, so he can overpower guys down low. His quick feet and above-average ball-handling allow him to perform a wide array of effective post moves. His jump shot extends to 20 feet. Cousins also rebounds at an incredible clip, as he was the most efficient player in college basketball averaging 15.1 points and 9.8 rebounds in just 23.5 minutes.


(Cousins) has a nice mid-range shot, pretty good form, and will clearly make the defense respect his shooting ability. The ability to force defenses to respect you outside of 10 feet is a huge weapon for Cousins because his quick feet and ball-handling enable him to get past slower defenders, and is a good complement for his post game.

Favors, on the other hand, has a somewhat out-of-whack shot release, and many of his shots were way off the mark. I could tell it would take a few years for NBA players to truly respect Favors’ mid-range game. While that usually wouldn’t be a big deal for a power forward, it is in this case because Favors also has yet to really develop a post game. He has no go-to move down low. Additionally, Favors doesn’t have the muscle to really bang in the post yet, so most of his points at this level will come from his rebounding and athleticism.


Favors is long, and somewhat slender. He definitely has a lot of room to grow, and he has an NBA body for sure, but he doesn’t look like he can really scare anyone. Cousins, meanwhile, is scary. He doesn’t really smile, and his massive body is imposing when you’re standing three feet away. Looking at Cousins, it doesn’t seem like many guys even in the NBA can stop him. His physical presence awed the reporters and Nets personnel at the workout, as everyone seemed like they had never seen anything like him. Also, the Nets haven’t had a physically imposing player for opposing teams to fear since Kenyon Martin, and Cousins can finally solve that problem.

While Cousins is more physically imposing than Favors, I think he can play beside Brook Lopez, which has been a big knock on him. Cousins plays like a center and looks like a center, but he can complement Lopez. He is bigger than Brook and quicker than him, so defense with the two won’t be a problem. Also, imagine a Lopez-Cousins pairing on the blocks, it would be a top-five NBA frontcourt within two years.


Next Nets fans; I need you all to watch Demarcus Cousins Perception versus Reality

I think this will give some perspective about what type of player we are dealing with.  He has some fire and passion.  If you don't like what Andres, or Jerry25 or Andy or myself are saying, then perhaps you might respect what John Thompson has to say (or perhaps you don't think much of Ewing, Zo or Dikembe)



While I don't believe the kid is ready to start at the 4, he is ready to back up the 5 and get spot minutes at the 4 until he declares that he will not get into A Johnson game shape and defensive standards.  If he does get back to to 280 him and Brook would be beasts offensively and they would still be slow, but intimidating down low.

It sucked watching Brook get doubled and tripled team, when opposing defenses completely dared Humphries, Yi or Boone to do anything to them.  THAT WAS NOT GOOD FOR BROOK'S DEVELOPMENT.

Cuz is a better draw for any free agent, gives us a back-up 5 and still allows us to go for a 4 in free agency.  If he does develop at the 5 but can't play the 4, then you have an amazing trading piece. 


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