A Lesson from the Past ?? 2002 Nets & 2010 Nets

The Year is 2001.  The Nets have been lackluster since their existence is coming from a miserable season.  Having just won 26 games, the Nets turned their fortunes around quite quickly.  Their answer came in the form of a Phoenix point guard by the name of Jason Kidd.  Can one man really change the culture of a team?  We have all witnessed it.  

By 2002, the nets won 52 games.  They were considered the elite of the Eastern Conference.  In a matter of months, Kidd changed the team from perennial losers into championship contenders.  Their up and down running style offense and good defense led them quite far.  Look at the 2001-2002 roster.  It is quite stacked with winners.  Not a lot of superstars but rather a bunch of guys who competed every single night.  A True team effort. 

1 Brandon Armstrong G 6-5 188 June 16, 1980 R Pepperdine University
35 Jason Collins C 7-0 255 December 2, 1978 R Stanford University
10 Derrick Dial G 6-4 184 December 20, 1975 2 Eastern Michigan University
54 Steve Goodrich F 6-10 220 March 18, 1976 1 Princeton University
12 Lucious Harris G 6-5 190 December 18, 1970 8 California State University, Long Beach
24 Richard Jefferson F 6-7 222 June 21, 1980 R University of Arizona
8 Anthony Johnson G 6-3 190 October 2, 1974 4 College of Charleston
5 Jason Kidd G 6-4 205 March 23, 1973 7 University of California
30 Kerry Kittles G 6-5 179 June 12, 1974 4 Villanova University
11 Todd MacCulloch C 7-0 280 January 27, 1976 2 University of Washington
13 Donny Marshall F 6-7 230 July 17, 1972 3 University of Connecticut
6 Kenyon Martin F 6-9 234 December 30, 1977 1 University of Cincinnati
21 Brian Scalabrine F 6-9 241 March 18, 1978 R University of Southern California
50 Reggie Slater F 6-7 215 August 27, 1970 6 University of Wyoming
44 Keith Van Horn F 6-10 220 October 23, 1975 4 University of Utah
34 Aaron Williams F-C 6-9 220 October 2, 1971 7 Xavier University


Its quite amazing how deep this team was.  Although the Nets were swept by the LA Lakers in four, this team was championship caliber.  My point you may be wondering ?

The culture of an organization is quite vital to success.  Yes the Nets may have won 12 games last year but with the right personnel and pieces, the Nets can contend at a championship level quickly.  Young talent, free agents, and a winning culture can change everything.  

Will the 2010 Nets contend for a championship ? Probably not.  But over the next 2-3 years, the team can and will look very different.  NBA Teams can go from zeros to heroes in one season.  Sometimes miracles happen and I firmly believe the 2010 Nets can exceed expectations next season (pending roster improvements).  

Have Hope Net fans..... We will enter the Promise Land......

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