7 Points: A Case to Sign Rudy Gay


First off, I'm not saying we should sign him.  This is just a case to sign him:

1. Physical attributes.
He is 6'8, has a 7'3 wingspan, 40.5 inch vert, and runs like a gazelle. 

2. Versatility 
He has the capability to play SG, SF, and PF (he played there quite a bit this year from the games I've seen). He could create a lot of mismatches. 

3. Scoring capability
He can score in bunches. He shoots a career 45% from the field, 34% from three, 76% ft. 25% of his offense comes from ISO.  He also gets to the line as he wishes.  

4. Rises to the occasion
Here are some of his averages this year against quality teams.  Averages 25.5 and 7.5 in two games against boston this year, 21.3 points and 4.7 rebounds in 3 games against Lakers, 28 points and 6 rebounds in two games against Miami, 21 points 6 rebounds in 4 games against Phoenix, 22 points and 6 rebounds in three games against OKC

5. Defense
He has the tools to be a shut down defender. When he's motivated its not strange for him to have a few blocks in a game. 

6. Age

He's turning 24 in August. He's nowhere near his prime yet. He could grow with our young core. It wouldn't be surprising in a few years to see him average 26 or 27 points per game. Look at guys like Granger, Joe Johnson, Ray took these guys til around the age of 24 to really start reaching their potential.

Rudy could develop into a deadly wing player. Right now he's right on the same tier as guys like Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Joe Johnson, and Danny Granger.

And the most notable point I believe...

7. Lack of Quality or Consistency in Coaching/Too Many Coaches

I think one of the biggest problems that Rudy Gay has been faced with is lack of good coaching to help his development. The guy has had 5 coaches in 4 years.  That itself shows you that he hasnt gotten the best guidance he could have as a player.  With the right coach, he may truly realize his oozing potential.  He is still young, just a year older than Wes Johnson with significantly more talent.


I really would not mind an offseason of a quality head coach, trading up for Turner (with CLee, #3, and Warriors 1-7 pick), Rudy Gay, Scola/ Amare, Lawal with one of our late picks, and some more shooting specialist thru draft or free agency

...We could pull the trigger to sign Gay this year or wait to pursue Melo.




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