Ryan Thompson vs. Darington Hobson for the #27 Pick

Ryan Thompson 2009-2010 mix: 

This video shows various things about Thompson's game.  He seems like he can create his own shot which is actually very nice.  In addition to creating his own shot, he seems to be a good catch and shoot SG as well. Although he only shot 33% from beyond the arc last year, he seems to have nice shot mechanics.  Driving to the hoop, he shows very nice body control and good touch.  He also shows some unselfish passing in this video as well

Right now i'm between him and Darington Hobson for the 27th unless either Bledsoe or James Anderson falls.  I don't really like Dominique Jones as the pick because if he's not Wall, i'd rather not go with an undersized 2 guard.

I think we really need a versatile two/three who can iso, drive to the basket with control, and can reliably spread the floor for us.  Out of the two, I gotta say that I'd rather pick up Ryan Thompson because he fits the mold of a SG more than Hobson who Givony states has issues with his shooting.

While Hobson does a good job creating scoring opportunities for himself and others, he isn’t quite as effective at finishing plays. His shooting percentages from inside the arc leave a lot to be desired at just 43%, a reflection of his struggles finishing around the rim (due to his lack of explosiveness) in traffic, coupled with his often-poor shot-selection. 

Hobson loves to pull up off the dribble in the mid-range area, but is not particularly effective when doing so.

Hobson seems to be a poor man's version of Turner.  What really makes him a poor man's Turner is that he is questionable as a scoring threat from midrange and driving, and we have too many players like that.  Its nice that the kid is extremely versatile showing nice rebounding skills and passing, but we already have a player like that in T-will who is still working on finding his niche as a scorer.

I think it would be better to pick up a guy like Thompson who seems like a multifaceted scorer.  He seems to be more of a versatile scorer than CLee who works best off the ball and a guy like CDR who, although a very good scorer, has very questionable ball handling skills (damn that dribble of his is high).  We need a 2 who not only has an outside shot (by creating his own or catching and shooting) but also has the handles, body control, and touch to reliably drive and finish.  Not only does Thompson drive well, he also shoots very well from the stripe where he shot at over 81% this past season on over 6 attempts a game.

In regards to Hobson, he shot only 62% from the stripe which Givony points out is indicative of his need to really work on his jumpshot.  Again we already have a point-forward type who needs to work on his jumpshot.  

To not make this argument a one-sided push for Thompson, here are some of Givony's critiques on his game from an invitational tournament: (link:

Critique on athleticism:

At 6’6, Thompson has good size for the wing along with solid length and a strong frame, however, he is a less than impressive athlete and while he could maximize his physical potential by slimming down some, he will likely remain below average by NBA standandards.   

Critique on defense:

He did a solid job defensively in the setting, even though his lateral quickness is below average. While he likely cannot defend the most athletic wing players we find in the NBA, he is a smart defender and was able to use his strength, size, and quick hands to his advantage.

Critique on the offensive end:

Thompson was unable to score on athletic wing defenders such as Marquis Blakely, however, suggesting that he will have a hard time adjusting to NBA caliber defenders. 

- - - - - -

On the offensive end, Thompson played an incredibly intelligent brand of basketball and displayed a very diverse skill set. He was most effective as a shooter, hitting 57.5% from the field and 64.3% from beyond the arc. Though he could still get more elevation on his jump shot, he has corrected much of the flat-footed, arc-less shot he displayed as a senior in college, where he shot just 32.4% from beyond the arc.

He also showed some of his mid-range game, taking his man off the dribble, creating some space, and pulling up for a jump shot. Despite his average first step, Thompson was able to use his size and strength advantage to get his shot off.

Though he was not as successful or efficient around the rim because of his lack of ideal quickness and lift, he was able to score due to his solid body control and excellent touch. 

I think this kid has a lot of positives to his game and although Givony made many criticisms about his game, there was varous bright spots which highlighted that this kid is making the most of what he's got as a player (I italicized and bolded those above).  The main criticism seems to be that he may not be able to score against athletic guards in the NBA.  Given the footage and Givony's stated positives about his game, I'd say he's a 2-guard worth using the 27th pick on.

We need a 2-guard to help us keep the defenses honest. Givony said he moves very well without the ball, is a nice spot up shooter, and can really spread the floor.

I say if we pick up Favors, Thompson, and Avery decides (not me deciding) that Gay is a guy he can help be a good defender, we've began to seriously address three very big holes on this roster which are as follows:

(1) a true multifaceted scoring SG, (2) a scoring threat at the SF spot (Gay), and (3) a rebounding, defensive, hustle type 4 in Favors who can work next to Brook. 


What are you guys thinking for 27 and 31?

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