Why Philly will Pick Turner.

First and foremost, the organization just kinda seems out of touch with what's going on around the league.  They hired Doug Collins who kinda has a crappy coaching history and they hired him early as if there isn't quality guys like Monty Williams looking for a head coaching job.  They re-upped Ed when quality GMs like Kevin Pritchard have been said to be on the market.  I believe they're bound to do something that makes sense.  Picking the Naismith Player of the Year, Evan Turner makes a LOT of sense.  

They are an organization desperate for some money too and a player to put people in the seats which is why they signed Iverson this past year to the 1 yr deal.  No one goes to Sixers games anymore.  They want to bring back some love to Philly (from the player they choose and from the fans that will come to watch).  Without a shadow of a doubt, neither Cousins nor Favors has the love that Turner has for this game.  I think Philly fans will love like they loved simply seeing the return of A.I. because he loved the city and he loved that team.

I think the Sixers are gonna give the fans what they want (consensus is Turner in Philly -- check Liberty Ballers and i'm sure they're checkin it too) because not only do they want people in the seats, but they most likely want the player that can most likely be a franchise player for them.  

I imagine Philly thinks that Turner can be their Tyreke Evans or their Brandon Roy.  I actually think Turner is a better piece for team chemistry than those two guys because he's such a great team player, passer, leader, and so many other attributes that just scream "I'll help make a team".  This kid has so many great intangibles.  I see him as having a great fundamental foundation upon which to build upon.  It's not every day you get a player that talented and versatile with such a great head on his shoulders.  I think of him as Tim Duncan in a SG's body.  Turner is a glue guy and if Philly picks him i'm sure they'll luckily realize it.  

He's their easy out of their dire situation (the guy who will help make their organization make more sense; they guy who will make future decisions a bit clearer), the player most likely to help build team chemistry, and most of all get people excited about Philly basketball again.  As much as is sucks for me to say all this because I want Turner for the Nets, I believe its true.  

Philly is rebuilding.

- I think they'll take Turner and try to make him a centerpiece.  He fits.  He plays in transition well like the Sixers have done well in the past few years and he plays the passing lanes great like they love to.

- They'll test out the Jrue, Turner, Iggy lineup and see if Turner is capable of bringing Sammy and Brand back to life.  They'll see what he can do with Speights as well.  I mean he made Lauderdale real effective for Ohio State.  It's likely he could do something with these guys.

- If Sammie doesn't work out this year, in the next year they'll be able to trade him easily cuz he'll be expiring -- money off the books for some more rebuilding.  While it seems they're in the most awful of situations with Brand's contract, they're really not.  Its not as if the Sixers will be in the championship hunt within the next 1-3 years.  By the time Turner is ready to go for something like that, Brand will be coming off the books as well.

- I think he'll make Kapono a beast like he found Diebler the looks.  

- I think they believe Turner will have a similar impact to Andre Miller for them.  He showed @ Ohio State that he's a game changing type of player.  Its too much of a gamble for them to bank on Favors or Cousins being that game changer for them (becuz Favors is a project and Cousins has questions about his attitude)

The only way I see them takin one of these big men is if they can get a taker for Brand's contract.  

So as I see it....unless Thorn has an amazing trade plan, Philly will take Turner on draft day and we will more likely be choosing btwn Cousins, Monroe, Wes and Favors or trading our pick with teams in the 4-7 range.

Just my two cents.

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