Derrick Favors or Evan Turner for # 1 pick

I've read countless of debates about who should be the #1 pick in the 2010 Draft, Evan Turner or John Wall? Well here I will try something different and throw Derrick Favors into the debate.

I know most  Nets fans are set on Wall because of his "superstar" potential, but here goes one scary question, isn't John Wall's game eerily similar to someone we've come to love... "cough"  Devin Harris?  Most people will tell you that Wall's game will translate in the NBA well because he can penetrate at will and will destroy the opposition, well that's Devin Harris' forte too, Neither can shoot and some would argue that Wall is a better play-maker than Harris, But he (Harris) averaged 6.6 Assists per game last season with a team that could not score at all. Now imagine if we had a good team, he would easily be in the 7.5 to 8 assist per game range. Plus if you look back at championship teams, those teams did not have a 10 APG point guard.

2009(Lakers)- Fisher 3.2 APG    2008(Celtics) Rondo averaged 5.2 APG,     2007( Spurs) Parker 5.5 APG,    2006 (Pistons) Billups  8.6  APG, and so on.

Look, I'm not saying Wall will be a bad player, but what I am saying is that he does not make much sense when we have a better version of him already on the team. I know Wall can be better than Harris, but maybe in 3-4 years, but still Play-making point guards do not guarantee championships as I have demonstrated before.  Harris as a 3rd or 4th option is a solid player. The guy has improved as a play-maker and not being the team's #1 option will make him feel less pressure, which should turn into smarter shots and better defensive intensity.


Now Evan Turner.

Evan Turner makes much more sense than Wall to me. This guy can play the SG/SF position, and we are in deep need of solid players at those key positions. Turner can rebound and help others get involved and is an excellent crafty scorer who can also get to the rim in a variety of ways and unlike Wall, has a good mid-range game. He is long and has a huge BBIQ which can only improve our team. His defense is solid and  his leadership ability is something we sorely need.  I understand he is not as fast or athletic than Wall, but his feel for the game should make up for it.  Some say why draft Turner when we have TWILL!? Well to those of you who suggest that having Williams means no Turner I suggest you go back and watch some of Turner's games. Williams is not half the scorer Turner is as of today, and Turner's shot is 1000X better than his. Both are good rebounders/play-makers, but Turner is better than Williams, no doubt about that.

Turner has the potential to be a 23/6/6 type player. A Grant Hill/ Brandon Roy hybrid. Looking back at past NBA champions most teams had that one star player that completely willed their respective teams to the promise land and I truly believe Turner can do that too in the near future.

Might want to turn off your volume on this vid. (I warned you)



Onto Derrick Favors now.

Here's a kid who a lot of people are overlooking. I truly believe he has the same amount of potential as a Wall or Turner. Having seen lots of GA Tech games, all I have to say is that this kid has SCARY potential. If he was in the NBA today at age 18 he would be a dominant defensive big already. His BBIQ and understanding of when and where to be is really impressive for a big man. Now combine his BBIQ, intangibles, size, and hard-worker mentality  with off the charts athleticism and jumping ability and you've got yourself a superb prospect.

Offensively he is not as bad as most people seem to think he is. Whenever he had the chance to do something offensively, he looked pretty solid to me. Nice jumper and soft touch around the rim. It really is criminal how awful the GA tech guards were at involving their big men all year long.  All in all he still had solid stats considering everything  12PPG/8.5RPG/2BPG.

In my honest opinion this guy has the biggest  risk/reward potential, more like big risk/Immense reward. Three to four years from now he can be an Amare/Dwight Hybrid, meaning sound offensively and very effective defensively.       If you ask me, I'd want the Nets to get the 2nd or 3rd pick because I am sure they will take Wall because of the hype/buzz he has. I would really hate it if we passed both on Turner and Favors.




** Keep in mind that this whole post is just my own opinion.

** Keep in mind I have seen tons and tons of UK, Ga Tech and OSU games because I knew the Nets were going to have a good lottery pick this year.


Thanks for your time.

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