PLans for the offseason

Coach: Obviously we all would love Phil for many reasons: The guy has 10 championships and every superstar (lebron) would love to have him as a coach. Problem is its highly doubtful that phil comes to the Nets even when we will pay him the most.

Next we go after Calipari, Avery and Van Gundy. We need guys with coaching experience so i dont believe we should get and assistant. 

Prediction: i believe we will get Avery Johnson while making a big push for phil, calipari and van gundy.

Draft: I believe that we should try and trade up for the #1. Say, we package #3 pick and Devin harris we might be able to do it along with a higher pick (27 0r 31) or maybe a future 1st round pick. I dont see the nets signinganother 2 rookies this year. and we will also get wall who could fill the pg spot while dumping Devin Harris salary. Getting wall gives us a bigger shot of getting calipari which gives us a bigger shot at lebron.

Prediction: im hoping we trade up or else we take derrick favors at #3 and trade 27 and 31 for a higher pick.

Free agents: This will be the most important free agency for ths franchise ever. It will set the tone for upcoming seasons. We must try getting Lebron and along with lebron maybe we get Bosh. Once again, trading up for wall will be great for geting lebron and also great for clearing up space for maybe lebron AND bosh if we trade devin harris. I see the nets making a play for amare or david lee.

prediction: many things could go wrong or many things could go right depending on the draft and coach. i believe they have a good shot at getting lebron and then we could get bosh. Lee, gay, amare, boozer and DIRK are also all options. They also have to get a sharpshooter, maybe ray allen but i doubt he leaves Boston.

The way i see this summer going will be like a package. The nets get wall they could get calipari. Wall+calipari can be lebron. lebron is where bosh can be. So the nets have a shot at ending up with:

pg: wall, twill

Sg: free agent, c lee

sf: lebron

pf: bosh, yi maybe humphries

C: Lopez

Coach : calipari

We can easily be an elite team in the league.

I believe it starts with the nexyt coach and hopefully getting Wall.

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