The dream starts May 18th


With all the drama surrounding LBJ's exit and the subsequent speculation as to where his future lies, we as Nets fans can dream.   It's okay to dream and for those that believe it to be a pipe dream to envision Lebron in Newark, well then hands off the pipe and let us enjoy.  

But it all starts May 18th.  I'm not here to speculate who will make a better pro, I'm just here to explain my Lebron plan and that plan starts with Wall as the number one pick.  No disrespect to D Harris or E Turner but the Lebron dream starts here.

With Wall in hand, we have lure for Lebron as well as either an amazingly quick backcourt, or it creates the opportunity for increased cap space/flexibility, and I prefer the latter.  I do not advocate trading players for nothing.  I do not want to devalue Harris, but this is the Lebron plan and we will need more capspace or sign and trade flexibility.

We do have excellent assets and for people that don't believe we could sign and trade with Phoenix or Atlanta or Toronto or Utah, the lure of draft picks (ie Golden State fiture #1 or one of our future picks) combined with a Harris or ( I will not insult anyone and mention Yi)  a contract that expires after 2010 (ie Humphries) will speak volumes, especially in these difficult economic times.

If we sign and trade for any respectable PF (I will allow you the fan to insert whomever you prefer here, D. Lee, Bosh, Boozer, AK-47, Dirk, with my preference being Amar'e) we have the 4 spot filled,.  With Lopez at 5, Wall at 1, Lee at 2 (Harris if we don't trade him) and a developing bench in Twill, CDR and then hopefully shooters and one more big, we have a recipe for the King.

We have Lebon's buddy Jay-Z to lure him in and take him to NYC for luch with CC Sabathia as much as he wants.  If he wants coach Calipari we can outbid anyone for his services thanks too our new multi-billionaire owner (Cal's added familiarity with Wall is a plus).  He gets Brooklyn in 2 to 3 years, but for now the King can tolerate Newark (it's not like he has to live there!) and  make, heaven forbid a 15-25 minute postgame trip back into Manhattan if thats where he wants to live.

Don't think  it can happen?  You're probably right.  Odds are stacked against us in this scenario, but our odds at least  rival that of the Knicks, Cavs and Bulls even if we are the underdog in this race.  We have the best center of those taams and Wall would negate/minimize the Rose factor.  The key  to roster improvement that Lebron can taste, is improvement at the 4 (nobody's coming to play with Yi).  But we can't improve the 4 AND bring Lebron here, unless we get the #1 - J Wall, and thus the Lebron dream starts May 18th.

For the Lebron haters or those that want to rebuild thru the draft, all this is, is just my humble opinion and vision.  I'm sure you have valid reasons to back up your plans  At a minimum my vision of Lopez, amar'e, Lebron, Lee, and Wall has 50 win potential and a seed in the playoffs. 

The bottom line is, no matter what we post, nothing is guaranteed, even with Lebron,  but just allow me to dream as well as those that want to share this vision.

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