Top 41 Nets Plays of the Season

I have done many top plays compilations for the Wolves at Canis Hoopus and decided that I wanted to do some for the Nets, so here they are: the top 41 Nets plays of the season.

*HINT*: If videos start getting jerky, refresh! It will undo that.

Let's begin!

#41: Kris Humphries fadeaway (apparently like MJ)

Kris Humphries Jordan-esque fadeaway (via bjge4290)

#40: Josh Boone with a put-back dunk.

Josh Boone with the put-back dunk on Dante Cunningham (via getbangedon)

#39: CDR with the acrobatic layup.


Chris Douglas-Roberts circus lay up vs Milwaukee Bucks (via m0l0k0vell0cet)

#38: Yi Dunk.

Yi Jianlian Dunk vs Rockets (via hk007sam)

#37: Kris Humphries dunk on Kaman.

Kris Humphries dunks on Chris K. & career-high of 25 points (via KrisHumphriesfan)

#36: Alley-oop dunk by Brook Lopez.

[OTR] Devin Harris-Brook Lopez Alley-Oop (via BrookLopez11)

#35: Devin Harris dunk.

Sean Williams Pick.m4v (via MarkGinocchio81)

#34: Buzzer-beater by Devin Harris.

Devin Harris Crazy Buzzer Beater off the Inbound Pass (via MrLutareio

#33: Brook Lopez block on Baron Davis.

Brook Lopez block Baron Davis Nasty vs Los Angeles Clippers (via m0l0k0vell0cet)

#32: Alley-oop to Brook Lopez from Devin Harris.

Devin Harris Throws Nice Alley oop to Brook Lopez (via TheNewJerseyNets)

#31: CDR with the crossover and dunk.

Chris Douglas-Roberts crossover and dunk. (via LilPharmacist11)

#30: CDR with a crossover and layup.

Chris Douglas-Roberts crosses Larry Hughes (via LilPharmacist11)

#29: Devin Harris great block.

Devin Harris with an acrobatic block (via nbaus)

#28: Terrence Williams dunk.

Terrence Williams Throws Down Hammer vs. Clippers (via 0206King)

#27,26: Terrence Williams Halfcourt Shots

Terrence Williams 2 Almost Identical Buzzer Beaters vs Miami Heat (via BigPatrys15)

#25: Terrence Williams Dunk

Terrence Williams One Handed Tomahawk Dunk from Brook Lopez vs.Raptors [03-20-10] (via GoldLakerLion)

#24: Devin Harris trick pass to Josh Boone for the alley-oop.

Devin Harris to Josh Boone behind the backboard alley-oop! (via deepen03)

#23: Devin Harris shows off his dribbling skills against Trevor Ariza and scores the jump shot.

Devin Harris handles and make the jumper vs Houston Rockets (via m0l0k0vell0cet)

#22: Terrence Williams Alley-Oop

Terrence Williams slam Keyon Dooling alley oop in fastbreak vs Washington Wizards (via m0l0k0vell0cet)

#21: Terrence Williams dunk from free throw line.

Terrence Williams near free throw line dunk (via deepen03)

#20: Brook Lopez Alley-Oop

Brook Lopez Alley-oop from Devin Harris + Foul on DeMar DeRozan vs.Raptors [03-20-10] (via GoldLakerLion)

#19: Terrence Williams Alley-Oop from Devin Harris

Terrence Williams dunk against Magic 3/5/10 (via Ryanizamazing)

#18: Yet another alley-oop from Devin Harris to Brook Lopez.

Devin Harris Alley Oop To Brook Lopez Vs Wolves (10.28.09) (via phtbasketball)

#17: Bobby Simmons spin And-1 vs. Celtics

Bobby Simmons and1 (via RedSox12590)

#16: Terrence Williams dunk vs. Cavs

Terrence Williams Coast to Coast Tomahawk Dunk vs.Cavs [03-03-10] (via GoldLakerLion)

#15: Devin Harris amazing spin moves and reverse layup.

Devin Harris Spin reverse lay up vs Portland Trail Blazers (via m0l0k0vell0cet)

#14: Terrence Williams Alley-Oop from Chris Quinn

On the Break (via nbaus)

#13: Lopez with a great dunk on Varejao.

Brook Lopez dunks on Andy V (3/3/10) (via LilPharmacist11)

#12: Courtney Lee dunk.

Courtney Lee alley-oop dunk from Devin Harris (via getbangedon)

#11: Devin Harris dunk on Lee and the Knicks.

Devin Harris throws this one dow (via nbaus)

#10: Steal and Dunk by Terrence Williams

Terrence Williams Sick Windmill Dunk (via ButTheGameIsOn

#9: Terrence Williams dunk on Kaman

Terrence Williams Posterizes Kaman (via 0206King)

#8: Kris Humphries spin and dunk on Dalembert.

Kris Humphries dunks on Sam Dalembert (via MrJmoore89)

#7: Devin Harris great layup against the Knicks.

Devin Harris Fastbreak Acrobatic Reverse Lay Up vs Knicks (via raul7wade3)

#6: Steal and assist by Devin Harris to Courtney Lee.

12-28-09 Devin Harris Nice Steal and Pass to Lee for the Slam [NBAD] (via elbisa74)

#5: Brook Lopez crazy alley-oop dunk from Keyon Dooling.

Dunk of the night by Brook Lopez from New Jersey Nets (via vicyu18)

#4: Devin Harris circus layup!

Devin Harris Spins Through the Defense and Finishes With the Tough Layup (via OTRBasketball)

#3: Devin Harris steal and circus shot.

Devin Harris circus shot vs Warriors (via heatnation1)

#2: Courtney Lee amazing dunk on Chris Kaman.

Courtney Lee Massive Dunk (via habpsu)

#1: Amazing pass from Devin Harris to CDR.

Devin Harris Sick Spinning Pass to CDR vs. Bulls (via heatnation1)

That's all! Please comment! (Did I miss any plays; did I mis-rank the plays?)

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