Who are your keepers?


These are the players I think we need to keep:

Brook Lopez: do I need to explain why?

Devin Harris: He's the only AllStar we have, and we can't afford to lose him, even if we get John Wall. I think you have to give it a try and see if they could co-exist. We have plenty of assets to address our frontcourt weaknesses. Playing alongside a playmker who takes pressure off him (Wall, Turner) would make Devin play at an AS level again, as he did when he had VC. In fact, he's been playing well since the AS break. He's just not a franchise player nor a go-to guy, which doesn't mean he needs to go.

Terrence Williams: This kid will turn into a TD machine. 

Courtney Lee: I'm not as high on him as others are, and don't view him as anything more than an OK role player, but you always need team 1st guys like him and his salary is really low, so I'm all for keeping him.

Chris Douglas-Roberts: He's struggled since Frank left and his outspokeness hasn't helped him, but this kid is talented. Bring in an actual coach here and then you'll see him play at the level he played under Frank early this season and late last season.

There's room for the kid, even if we land Turner or a star wing in free agency. He has the potential to become a punch guy off the bench. He has heart and hates to lose. We need guys with that will to win.

He makes so little money it'd be moronic not to pick up his option and give him the opportunity to shine again under a real coach. Frank called him an unbelievable competitor. Recently, Calipari told Iannazzone this about the kid:

"He wears his emotions on his sleeve to his detriment sometimes," said Calipari, the ex-Nets’ coach who currently is steering Kentucky. "He wants to win and this is driving him crazy. But I’m telling you this, if I’m going to war — and I went to war with him — you send that kid for ammo, he’s always coming back."

"At the end of the day," Calipari said, "I think he’s going to be a guy in the league that plays significant minutes, is a significant player, is a starter on a team that’s doing well. I truly believe that."

Josh Boone: I love JB and the job he does for us. He's a team player who doesn't complain if he doesn't get PT and is ready when his number is called, as he's shown this year when Yi's went down. He's a good post defender and reounder. And, unlike Humphries, he plays within his role. I'm not saying he would have be in the rotation next year, but he could give us depth as 5th big in the depth chart. Plus, he's the longest tenured Net. I hope we bring him back as 11th-13th man on the roster.

Guys I wouldn't mind either keeping or letting go/ trading are Dooling (I love his veteran leadership, and his game... he's aggressive, plays D and is a good shooter- we need all those things), Hassell (great character to have next to the kids, he's the epitome of the professional, would love to keep him as12th-15th man), Yi (I used to be a supporter of his, but I've given up on him... wouldn't mind to bring him back on a reduced role, we could still have a use for him as a stretch big) and Hump (love his hustle, but he has the BBIQ of a frog, takes wild shots and isn't that great of a defender).

I don't dislike Hayes, but I'd rather let him go, as I see no room for him at all.

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