Time To Shake Things Up

With the recall of Twill from the D League, the Nets will have their full roster restored for the Dallas game on thursday. Given their pathetic lack of offense, I think that it would be a great time for Avery to think outside the box. Why not put together some new combinations of players to see if there is any possibility of creating some CHEMISTRY and CONSISTENCY on offense, something that the Nets have lacked all season.

My proposal for the starting five:

Lopez, Murphy, DJames, Morrow & DHarris

Why Murphy? Because he is a SKILLED player on offense (see my previous post), and his savvy and experience are sorely needed on this young team. Plus, he's performed consistently over time, he's a proven starter, and he's never been given a real chance by Avery. Why Damion instead of Outlaw? Because he's physical, he plays tough defense, and he could supply a little more inside presence if Murphy starts to regain his outside touch (which I am convinced he will if he ever gets to play enough meaningful minutes to get some rhythm). Also, with Murphy and Morrow as shooters, this takes pressure off him to have score from outside. Why not start Twill? Maybe later on in the year, but for now I would look for him to provide a real spark off the bench and get the ball to Favors (and Hump) in good position to score inside (notice the lack of alley-oops since Twill stopped playing any real minutes?).

Second unit:

Favors (at center, if other team is playing small) or Petro (who I would prefer to see being used as little as possible), Humphries/Favors, Outlaw, Twill & Farmar (Twill and Farmar can play interchangeably at point guard and shooting guard).

Inactive: Uzoh, Graham & Smith.

At this point, what does we have to lose if Avery does something like this? If we don't make any real changes, the only thing we'll have to look forward to is the draft, and it's a little too early for that.

By the way, I'm convinced that Brook is still suffering from the aftereffects of his bad case of mono over the summer. Not that he was ever a "brute" inside, but last year he did block shots and go to the rim much more consistently than he is doing now. He just doesn't look like his old self, which could be contributing to his obvious mounting frustration with himself.

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