Let's not overlook what really matters about LeBron's words on the Nets

Let me start by saying I believe LeBron shouldn't have said what he said publicly. At least, he shouldn't have named any teams. That being said, we can focus all we want on insulting LeBron and wishing he breaks every single one of his extremities like some classy fans have done here, but that's not what we should care about.

What we should be talking about is what's wrong with this franchise. The fact that the biggest superstar in basketball thinks we are such a joke should give us something to think about and make sound some alarms. Whether you like it or not, LeBron thinks this franchise is a joke. He thinks we are so bad the NBA would be better off taking our team our of the league. That is obviously not going to happen, but again, that's not the point. The issue here should be wondering why the best player in the league thinks that about this team. It should raise some questions, especially since our Front Office seems desperate looking to add big name stars to our team.

Ratner is gone, but this franchise is still one of the league's biggest laughing stocks, if not the biggest one.

Dave D tried to warn us about this some months ago:

This guy knows less about the NBA than Bruce Ratner did when he showed up, and you know how that turned out.

To put it politely, with the possible exception of Sean Williams, the Russian gentleman is as ignorant as anyone we’ve ever encountered that had some connection – big or small – to the NBA.

But when it comes to the NBA – the game itself, its culture, its people, its place in the American soul – this guy had about as much knowledge as one can fit in an average thimble.

No, the only thing that bothers us is that he’s just very NBA dumb. And if you don’t think that’s a problem, you have an exaggerated sense of whether money can fix this team anytime soon.

But people preferred to think D'Alessandro was just a xenophobe. So far, it seems to me he was absolutely right. I find that last remark I quoted particularly dead on. LeBron's comments were a slap in the face of Proky's delusions of grandeur. And they pretended we thought we had a real shot at LeBron last summer or that Prokhorov's pitching abilites are that great that he will convince 'Melo? Please. Time to get real.

Do you think he's the only superstar who thinks like that about this team and about this franchise?

This NEEDS to tell us something. It really does. And when I say something I mean something about our entire franchise, not only the crappy team we have but also the owner and the guys making basketball decisions.

It's great that some people believe we're a great, well runt franchise,  but we can't ignore the opinion of others who see this with more objectivity. Only in Netsland people could think Billy King or Sasha Vujacic are any good.

Somebody better check the Kool-Aid. I fear it's been spiked.

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