What Melo Wants

Bringing in Harrington and Anthony will give this team a tremendous boost, but with Anthony saying the only way he signs an extension with the team if they bring in other players, our front office is going to have to be very careful in who they ultimately decide will best fit this team and turn us into contenders.  Below are very possible options, some alot better then others, but realistic trade senarios that i hope our front office explores.


Andre Miller & Marcus Camby

Even though they may not be the flashy names ones would expect to hear in a 'blockbuster trade' , they directly fullfill two needs this team has; Efficiency at the PG and rebounding with solid defense.  Only downside on this trade would be the fact that Camby and MIller both are in the twlight of their careers.  This would just be a quick fix, something to keep Anthony comfortable with signing the extension.


Rip Hamilton & Tayshaun Prince


We obviously know these two have championship exprience, they can both score and defend with the best of them.  Prince is one of the most versatile forwards in the league and Hamilton, in my opinion, it the best off ball player in the league.  There is no reason why they, with melo, wouldn't be more then enough to compete in the eastern conference.


Jamal Crawford & Jordan Crawford/Marvin Williams

Jamal is one of the best combo guards in the league.  He has an uncanny ability to score and has seemingly fixed his biggest problem; shot selection.  Jordan Crawford could flat out score, we've seen that in college last year.  And Marvin Williams is as efficient as they come.  I think this would give our team alot of of offense, Harrington and Melo along with Jamal and Brook would be a match made in heaven.


Chris Paul & Emeka Okafor

I shouldn't have to explain why this move would make us instant contenders in the east.  I shouldn't have to tell anyone that pairing one of the best PG's in the league with one of the best scorers in the league will NEVER go wrong.  I shouldn't have to explain that with the coaching staff we have and a billionaire owner, sustaining a team like this will be unbelivably easy.  Chris Paul and Melo on the same team with Harrington and Lopez means the skies the limit. 



Comments and suggestions? (Please, this fanpost is for rational fans only)

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