Nets and the rest of the league

It's early in the season, but it's interesting nonetheless to see where some of the Nets players are compared to other guys in the league

Kris Humphries is currently the 4th best rebounder in the NBA in terms of rebounding rate. He grabs 21% of all available rebounds. That's better than Dwight Howard (20.7), Blake Griffin (19.3), or Kevin Garnett (18.9).

Humphries is 6th in terms of Defensive Rebound Rate, grabbing 30% of all available defensive rebounds. That's just under Dwight Howard (30.6) and better than Tim Duncan (25.9) and Joakim Noah (23.2). The two rookies have almost identical DRR's with Damion James grabbing 22.5% and Favors grabbing 22.3% (Demarcus Cousins? 22.2%). That's just under Luis Scola (22.6), and better than Roy Hibbert (21.4) or Pau Gasol (20.7).

Devin Harris is 32nd in Assist Rate with 28.47% of his possessions ending in an assist. That's not as bad as it sounds considering it's not far from Deron Williams' 30.58, John Wall's 30.65, or Raymond Felton's 30.81. That's also better than Tony Parker (28.22), Russell Westbrook (25.5), and Chauncey Billups (25.43).

Harris is also sporting a PER of 20.68, which is right around borderline allstar territory. That's just a shade under Carmelo Anthony (21.09), and better than Tony Parker (20.37) and Raymond Felton (19.84).

If we're looking at Hoopdata's Alternate Player Efficiency Rating (which adjusts for team pace and league average) though, Harris jumps to 22.78. That's better than Carmelo Anthony (22.18), and just below Pau Gasol (23.45) and Derrick Rose (23.84).

Terrence Williams was 14th in the NBA in Turnover Rate, with 18.74% of his possessions ending in a turnover. You don't want to know who his peers were, trust me. 

Derrick Favors is 15th in the NBA in Offensive Rebound Rate, followed closely by Kris Humphries at 18th. Favors grabs 12.7% of all available offensive rebounds while Humphries grabs 12.3%. Favors has exactly the same ORR as Joakim Noah, and his ORR is better than Blake Griffin (12.4) and David Lee (11.8). Humphries has the same ORR as Shaquille O'Neal and Kwame Brown.

Favors however is currently sporting the 2nd worst assist to turnover ratio in the league, with 23 total turnovers as compared to 3 assists.

Brook Lopez is currently the 16th most blocked player in the NBA on a per game basis, getting blocked 1.12 times a game. Others that might be of interest? Carmelo Anthony leads the league with 1.86 (not a new trend) while Demarcus Cousins is at 1.14.

Lopez also has the 6th most field goal attempts  per game from 10-15 feet. The bad part? He's only hitting 32.2% of his shots from there. He also has the 18th most FG attempts per game from 16-23 feet. He's hitting only 34% of his shots from there. 

However, he does have the 19th highest amount of And1's per game, at 0.6. Carmelo Anthony? 0.68. 

Johan Petro has the 5th lowest amount of free throws per field goal attempt with 0.07 free throw attempts per field goal attempt (4 free throw attempts for 59 field goal attempts). Terrence Williams has the 12 lowest, with 0.14 free throw attempts per field goal attempt (10 free throw attempts for 73 field goal attempts). 

The Nets as a team allow 105.2 points per 100 possessions. That's 18th in the league. The Knicks? 106.

However, the Nets have only been able to score 99.4 points per 100 possessions. That's 28th in the league. The Knicks score 109.5, 2nd in the league. 

Our opponents have an effective field goal % (FG% adjusted for threes) of only 49.22%, that's 13th in the league. But we only shoot 46.79% ourselves, that's 27th.

As a team, we also force the fewest turnovers in the league, with our opponents only turning it over in 11.6% of possessions. 

We also have the worst FG% at the rim, only converting 55.2% of attempts at the rim. Boston, the best in the league converts 70.8% of their attempts at the rim. 

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