Unextended Melo

For me, the Melo news was a breath of fresh of air.  Not because I hate Melo, but because I've lived in constant fear all season that we might lose Favors.  If indeed he won't sign an extension with the Nets, that puts Favors in the safe zone.

Of course, I'm one of those people who assumed this was the case from the previous article. "A lot of people are waiting to see if it becomes a Lakers-Clippers thing".  Basically, and I could be wrong, I felt that meant no one is coming to NJ until they prove they aren't just "the other team in NY".

This is kind of relevant to my question: Would you make a trade for an unextended Melo?

I'm not talking Favors here, so you can quit screaming "HELL NO" in your head.  I'm saying maybe a few draft picks + Murphy and Ross.  

Lets assume the Knicks decide they don't want to offer Danillo or Randolph.  I mean, that's possible isn't it?  The news we just heard basically says Melo wants to be a Knick and nothing else.  Why should the Knicks offer Danillo when they can have Melo for free come free agency?  Then again, you never know with the Knicks.  Maybe they go ahead and sell the farm for Melo.

Assuming the Knicks' offer stinks though... expiring contract and trash basically...  the Nuggets will obviously want draft picks, which we have a plethora of.  Plus, maybe the Nuggets will quietly want to send Melo to the destination of his not-so-choice as a slap in the face.  Would you make a trade giving up draft picks and expirings for him? 

Just ot be clear, I am not advocating this.  I am honestly up in the air with it.  On the one hand, you can assume that once Melo is here, Prokhorov can show Melo how the Nets intend to be a contender.  Maybe we go on a win-streak with Melo and make a playoff push.  Maybe he'll realize he can live anywhere in the Metro area and only spend a few hours 41 days a year in Newark.  Plus, it's possible that in the new CBA, angry owners try to add some MORE incentives to players who re-sign with their own team after the whole Miami fiasco.  Maybe it'll be dramatic like 4 years with a new team, 7 years with your own team.  Or 5% increases vs. 10%.  I'm just speculating, but I think that's possible.

On the other hand though.. we are a rebuilding team, and if we get Melo, we miss out on a lottery pick.  If he leaves, we basically return with the same team, minus the reward (Barnes, Jones, Irving, etc.) for having such terrible players.  Furthermore, we miss out on those ever important draft picks which help us rebuild.  All those risks for a player who has clearly stated to us he WON'T re-sign.

I don't know.  I can go back and forth on this one forever.  What are your thoughts?  Would you give up ANYTHING for an unextended Melo?

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