The Cap, Brook Lopez, Carmelo, and the Nets

So I was reading this FanPost from muwu and it referred to the fact that Brook Lopez is obviously going to get paid a lot of money by some team and most of us hope that it will be the Nets. I was reading the comments as well and people were talking about how we could re-sign Brook and go over the cap.

This got me to thinking. Brook is signed with the Nets through the 2011-2012 season, assuming I'm reading the terms of his contract correctly, at which point he will become a Restricted Free Agent. 

This, as I'm sure many of you know, means that teams will be able to offer him contracts, but the Nets will have the right to match any contract he is offered. 

If Brook keeps up his play, then it is a sure thing that he will be given a huge contract as Scoring Centers are obviously a valuable commodity. 

There has been a lot of talk lately about how the Nets will be able to build a championship team by possessing a dominant Front Court which is a theory that I also prescribe to.

However, it is also a common acknowledgement that the Nets need a player who can score at a high level consistently who will be able to match up with the Durants of the world in playoff games.

Then it struck me. Perhaps the reason that the Nets are going so hard after Carmelo Anthony is because they only have a 20 month window in which to acquire a dominant scorer. This is because, after those 20 months, Brook Lopez will be eating up the cap space of the Nets. 

In other words, and to sum this entire concept up, the Nets need to acquire a scorer in the next 20 months, whether it be through the draft, free agency, or trade so that they will be able to exceed the cap in order to re-sign Brook. Otherwise, the Nets will have their hands financially tied because and they will be stuck without that scorer they need to put them over the top much like the Nets of the Kidd era lacked a dominant Big Man.

With Brook eating up the cap, they won't have the space to sign a scorer.

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