The Offense, Brook, and a 3 way trade

The Nets offense is not looking very good. There are a few people that think the Nets need a big time scorer to win.

That is not true


The offense is not very imaginative, and everyone knows Brook is going to get the ball.
Instead of Brook screening, Avery needs to set screens for Lopez on the outside to get the defender off of him so he can get a switch or better post position. Teams know Brook can shoot so, let Brook face up near the top of the key while someone like Hump, Favors or Outlaw posts up in the paint off a baseline screen. Brook is not the greatest passer but having him outside the paint will give a low post player an easy shot or an easy pass to Brook or to whatever player is open off any double teams. Brook is not just low post player but plays like this will make him even more dangerous when he is pushed off the block. This should be the Nets philosophy when ever Brook is being defended by Shaq, D12, or any other physical defender.

TWill has been out for 2 weeks and it has a serious effect on this team. TWill can create his own shot by beating his man off the dribble and he can pass the ball to the right player when the defense collapses. Anthony Morrow can't do any of that and it seems like more of a liability when TWill is not playing. Thats why Farmar is getting to play with Devin. TWill is probably the Nets best athlete, shot creator and passer. Hopefully he doesnt get traded.

Jamal Crawford would be a great fit right now. I wonder if ATL would like to get into a 3 way deal with NJ and Denver?

Denver gets

TOutlaw, Murphy, Favors

Atl gets

TWill, JR Smith, Hump

NJ gets

Melo, Crawford, Josh Smith

Throw in Morrow, Ross, James, and or Graham to make the numbers work

The Nets are playing great defense and are learning how to win close games vs good teams. Avery Johnson sad its mental but coaching has alot to do with it also. Avery, Devin, and the Nets need to identify mismatches early and capitalize quickly. Last night Travis Outlaw should have been posting on Pierce. Travis played good defense and Pierce had an off night so why not capiitalize on Outlaws height advantage. RRondo was not playing and DWest was hurt why didnt Devin have 30+ points on Nate Robinson?

Anthony Morrow needs to learn how to run a pick and roll, he needs to learn how to crossover his dribble. Morrow cannot beat his man off the dribble without a screen. Teams know this so they run at him very hard to keep him from shooting that spot up shot. Anthony has a great jumper, a pump fake, and a one dribble pull up THAT'S IT. He is not a one on one player even though you can see he is trying. Avery needs to run him back door and setscreens for him on the baseline so he can get open.

Travis Outlaw threw up some bricks last night! Although Pierce had an off game TOutlaw should have taken notes. Pierce is the prototype. Pierce will post up, face up at the top of the key and drive, he also has the jab step to pull jumper and a step back jumper. Outlaw could do those things. He is really 6'10" he needs to be posting up on his defender for a turn and shoot and driving to basket. Outlaw seems very hesitant to get down low and get dirty. Travis usually pulls up for a jumper 10 feet from the basket. He needs to force the ball to the rim.

The Nets are a jump shooting team that can defend pretty well. Avery needs to incorporate more post ups for players not named Brook and be more creative with getting Brook the ball in the post

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