Thoughts from night #1

I posted the following on my website and I thought it appropriate to re-post here...


There is a string of things fans of 29 other teams took for granted last season - stadiums at least half full of fans, actual head coaches running their teams, actual assistant coaches behind them, capable long-range shooters, leadership... Not us Nets fans.

We went through 82 games without any of it. Sound like a sob story to you? Well it's not. Just the truth. Go on, argue with what I just said...

... I'll give you a second...

***hold music***

Ok, we're back. Tonight, after having just watched the Nets/Pistons game (I now have clashes with work, preventing me from watching games live during the week but god bless premium International League Pass) I can finally say we've started to even out the playing field.

The stadium, the coach, the staff, the shooters, the leadership - we've got some semblance of all of it.

What does it produce? A comeback win after a 39% shooting in the first half. When was the last time we did that?

We rode the crowd in this one; we had an NBA coach who actually belongs on the sidelines show us the way; we had the lights-out, ice-in-the-veins shooting; we had the on-floor leadership.

I don't care that we beat what will clearly be another awful Pistons team this season. It's irrelevant who we beat in this one.

The point is, we won and won with a purpose. This was no blind luck, fluke victory. This was months in the making. THIS was the beginning of the road back.

Scattered night #1 thoughts:

- T-Mac is playing his last year in the NBA. He's done.

- Dwight may be the better athlete but Brook is by far the better player.

- Devin is Devin again.

- I will absolutely regret us trading Derrick Favors in a Melo deal (if it comes to that)

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