My review of the '10-'11 Nets via NBA 2K11

So I just picked up NBA 2K11 and I'm going to do what you're not supposed to do: relate a game to reality





I have played a dozen or so games with the new look Nets in the brand spankin' new NBA 2K11 and here are some quick hit thoughts on our potential this season:

  • The lack of a true scoring threat is really apparent. When I need points, I usually defer to a play that runs a screen for Morrow to cut down into the low block, where he can hit 8 footers all day.
  • Morrow is, as expected, a good 3 point shooter. Surprisingly, so is TWill. I can get him open through some picks, hit him with a pass for a corner 3, and he'll knock it down about 56% of the time (and his shot animation is surprisingly accurate).
  • Lopez is a very good player, but it's hard to draw defensive attention away from him so I can feed him in the low post. I mostly get points from him through prayer hook shots, and top of the key shots off pick and rolls.
  • Harris is frustrating. When I penetrate with him, I can rarely make an inside pass over to Lopez and oftentimes I have to throw up odd layups that sometimes go in, and mostly don't.
  • Outlaw is just a bench player. Though I have his role set as "Sixth Man," Farmar is proving to be a more impactful bench player. I have TWill starting over him.
  • Farmar has a pretty good mid-range jumper that I use often for a spark off the bench.
  • Favors is just as invisible as he is in pre-season. He's getting a lot of boards and playing some good defense (I have at least a block per game with him), but I really struggle to get any points through him.
  • Damion James is aggressive, and ironically, reminds me of TWill just like he did in Summer League. He attacks the basket and makes some artful plays around the rim. He plays limited minutes in reserve of Morrow.
  • Murphy is effective. Usually gets me 8 points and 8 - 10 rebounds.

As a side note, I actually beat Miami by 8 in that Halloween game. I just kept my body in front of the stars, clogged the lanes when they drove, and rebounded my ass off.

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