2010 NBA Draft

Favors "Out of Shape"?

With Derrick Favors about to go one-on-one with DeMarcus Cousins on Monday, conditioning has become an issue...for Favors, not Cousins. According to both Wolves' GM David Kahn and Coach Kurt Rambis, Favors showed up "out of shape" for a workout in Minnesota.

With a Week Left to the Draft, Crunchtime Approaches

With a week to go, things appear to be unsettled for the Nets. It's not their fault. With the #3 pick, they may be tempted to move down, may be presented with an opportunity to take someone everyone thought would go #2. It's going to interesting and confusing.

In Mock Drafts, It's Favors Up Top But No Consensus Down Below

Mock Drafts--and at least one beat reporter--think the Nets will take Derrick Favors at #3, but no one has a good idea of who will be available at #27 or #31...assuming there are no trades, purchases, etc.

Favors vs. Cousins - A Preview

Kings release video of Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins working out last weekend in Sacramento. It's a preview of Monday's one-on-one in New Jersey.

Is Armon Johnson the Nets' Choice at #27?

Is Nevada's 6'4" PG Armon Johnson in for a workout or an audition Wednesday? Post's Fred Kerber suggests the speedy combo guard may be the Nets' choice at #27.

Monroe vs. Udoh This Week then Cousins vs. Favors Next Week

It's Cousins vs. Favors on June 21, and Udoh vs. Monroe on Wednesday, plus a visit from Wesley Johnson, as the Nets get ready for the big decisions on Draft Night.

Cousins vs. Favors - June 21 in NJ; Winner Take All?

Draft Express is only one of about a dozen mock drafts, but it's one of the most popular because of its track record. In its latest mock, there's no change...it's still Derrick Favors, but DX's Jonathan Givony writes that Wesley Johnson is still a factor at #3, but DeMarcus Cousins apparently is not.

Cousins and Favors - A First Look...In Sacramento

When the Nets pick at #3, the choice is likely to come down to Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. Wesley Johnson is in the mix as well, but it's the two teenaged big men they're most interested in. They worked out in Sacramento Saturday and here's the Kings' first impressions.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #9

In our latest off season report, we take a long, cautionary look at the Draft. Just because you have a top four pick doesn't mean you'll get a great player. Chances are about 50-50 in fact. We also write about Avery Johnson and the Jason Kidd trade and wonder about a help wanted ad.

Would the Nets Go "Yellow Jacket" in Both Rounds?

It's getting to be a foregone conclusion--at least among draftniks--that the Nets will take Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech at #3. Would they take his teammate, Gani Lawal, at #27 or #31. They might...and that would be fine with Lawal.

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