2010 NBA Draft

Posts regarding the 2010 NBA Draft.

How Real, How Recent Are Reports of Nets' Offer for Chris Paul?


How real are reports that the Nets, among others, are in talks about Chris Paul? Not very, say people in the know. Now with both sides dealing with new coaches and new owners.

A Three-Man Race for #3?


Both Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins played well today at the Nets' PNY Center, with Favors not hurting himself and Cousins helping himself. Nets see the race for #3 as a three-man race.

Monday's $19.3 Million Question - Who Can Play Best with Brook ?


On the morning of the Big Workout, it's still looking like Derrick Favors over DeMarcus Cousins for that big $19.3 million contract the #3 pick will get. It's all about playing with Brook Lopez.

Favors Unanimous Choice at #3; Crawford Moving Into #27


The draftniks have spoken. In an NBA.com survey of mock drafts Sunday night, Derrick Favors is seen as a unanimous choice for the #3 pick. The situation remains unsettled at #27 and #31, but Jordan...

Favors Still Has the Edge as Draft Approaches


Derrick Favors still the favorite going into Monday's one-on-one with DeMarcus Cousins, but if Philly takes either, the Nets will go with Evan Turner. At #27 and #31, think Dominque Jones of South...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #10


Our Off-Season Report #10 is draft centric, with background on Derrick Favors, our predictions, the possibility of a trade, Euro-sleepers, more on Team Prokhorov, etc.

Draft Day Wonders and Blunders: Getting Ready For the Next Chapter


Nets have a Draft Day history of great picks and really bad ones, offers made and rejected. We try to go through the best and the worst, the wonders and blunders.

Despite Trade, No Change in Sixers Draft Plan


Samuel Dalembert trade won't change Sixers' draft plans, say Ed Stefanski and Doug Collins. That means any chance the Nets have for Evan Turner are fast diminishing.

Brooklyn's Stephenson To Work Out For Nets and Knicks


Lance Stephenson, Brooklyn's finest, will work out with the Nets and Knicks this week. The 6'6" guard is the highest scoring guard in New York city and state history.

Agent: Nets Have "Genuine Interest" in Favors


It is officially silly season. Derrick Favors' agent says that while the Nets have "genuine interest" in his client, the 76ers are "clearly interested". What's the difference? Perhaps just the time...

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