2010 Free Agency

Posts regarding free agency in the Summer of 2010.

Zoubek Has the Incentives, Now Needs the Adjustments


Brian Zoubek, a national champion but undrafted, has a lot of incentives to make the Nets, including becoming the 14th New Jersey native to make the team. He talks about the adjustments he'll have...

Whitewash! "Blueprint for Greatness" Goes Down


The Nets only leased the side of the building at 34th and 8th for a month and over the last couple of days, workmen have all but covered the iconic images of Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z with...

Prokhorov: "No One Has a Right to Judge LeBron"


In a letter to the editor of USA Today, Mikhail Prokhorov defends LeBron James' decision to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and create a super team in Miami. "I respect their choice, and no one has...

Is Jay-Z Upset with LeBron? Mikhail?


Picking up on internet rumors that Jay-Z's friendship with LeBron James is in tatters, the Daily News suggests that indeed the rap mogul is upset with "the King", but not because he didn't sign...

Nets' Cap Space Hoard Second Biggest in NBA


How much leverage does Billy King have in making unbalanced trades? A lot. In breaking down who still has cap space, HoopsWorld reports the Nets still have the second biggest hoard as free agency...

ESPN: Morrow a "Steal", Outlaw an "Overpay" in 2010 Free Agency


Maybe in the end, they will even out. ESPN has chosen one player at each position to be a "steal" and another to be an "overpay". Of the ten players, two are Nets: Anthony Morrow is the "steal" at...

Devin Reflects on LeBron, Mikhail, Avery and Seasons Past and Future


Devin Harris was Nets captain last season and is likely to be again this season. So he has some perspective on a number of things Nets which he shared with the Madison Capitol Times Wednesday while...

Nets Readied Big Contract for Scola, But Rocket Decided to Stay Home


The Houston Chronicle reports Thursday the Nets had prepared to offer Luis Scola $55 million over five years, including a big signing bonus, earlier this month, but the Rockets forward decided to...

Battie Signs with Philly; Celtics Approach Hayes


With Keyon Dooling in Milwaukee and Tony Battie in Philadephia, five players from last year's Nets remain unsigned.

Among The LeBron Also-Rans, Nets Rank Fourth


Among LeBron's "bridesmaids", the Knicks rank first in terms of their improvement since "The Decision" while the Nets are fourth, just ahead of the Clippers. So writes Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo!

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