2010 Free Agency

Posts regarding free agency in the Summer of 2010.

Van Gundy Seems To Vote Trade


In discussions with reporters before the Magic's game against the Pacers, Stan Van Gundy seems to siding with those in the Orlando organization who want to trade Dwight Howard rather than keep him.

For D12, Signs You Can't Ignore


They were outside the visitors locker room, four of them --some new, some old, all about Brooklyn-- including a full-sized blow-up of the Wall Street Journal article on how Jay-Z is bringing his...

It's Only Their Opinion, But ESPN Writers Think D12 to NJ Eventually


in an ESPN roundtable, three of the network's top writers said they believe that Dwight Howard will wind up with the Nets.

James To Start...While Nets Wait


Shawne Williams was in camp Friday and the Nets continue their recruiting of Andrei Kirilenko, but on Saturday afternoon, the starting small forward for the New Jersey Nets will be 23-year-old...

Trade Talks For Dwight Howard "Have Gathered Momentum," Woj Reports


Adrian Wojnarowski reports late Tuesday that trade talks between the Nets, the Orlando Magic and possibly two other teams "have gathered momentum over the past several days, and the framework of a...

Magic Consider Tampering Charges Against Nets


A report out of Orlando quotes sources who say that Dwight Howard "may soon fire his agent and request a trade from the team." Meanwhile, David Aldridge reports that the Magic are "contemplating...

Bondy: Don't Amnesty Outlaw Yet


Stefan Bondy agrees that Travis Outlaw's contract is "ugly" at $28 million over four, but he writes that the Nets should think hard before they use the CBA's amnesty provision on the 6'9" forward.

Masha Talks About Sasha


Kris and Kim can have their reality show, "Keeping up with the Kardashians", but soon enough, Sasha and Masha could be stars of another better watched reality show, "Breakfast at Wimbledon." After...

Personal Connection, Not Hoops, Led to Hump's Change of Agents


Here's a story about Kris Humphries that has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian or reality TV. Darren Heitner of Sports Agent Blog writes that the Nets PF's decision to change agents had more to do...

A Look Back at Nets' Wooing of LeBron and "The Decision"


Fred Kerber writes Sunday about how the Nets loved and lost LeBron James. On the day LeBron brings the Heat to Newark, the Post writer recounts how Mikhail Prokhorov, Jay-Z and the Nets basketball...


Mozgov's Moment of Truth


When Mikhail Prokhorov was asked this weekend about signing Rusian players, as the Knicks did with Timofey Mozgov, he seemed very non-plussed by his rival's move into his terrority. "I am very glad...

Did Prokhorov Nix Knicks' Mozgov?


Remember all those stories last summer about how the Knicks hid Timofey Mozgov from the Nets, working him out in secret, to make sure Mikhail Prokhorov didn't snatch the Russian center away?...

What To Expect from the New Nets


Ben Couch recently got in touch with his counterparts at the former homes of five new Nets to get their read on what to expect from Troy Murphy, Jordan Farmar, Travis Outlaw, Johan Petro and...

Nets Sign Joe Smith


Veteran forward Joe Smith is expected to take a physical and sign a contract with the Nets on Friday.

Nets Get "B" for Off-Season...But Will It Translate Into Playoff Run?


NBA.com is ranking the off-season for all 30 of the league's teams and in spite of their inability to sign a major free agent, the author, John Schuhmann, puts the Nets' effort near the top of the...

Woj: New York Lure Overrated for 'Melo


Adrian Wojnarowski suggests that Carmelo Anthony is not all that pumped up about the Knicks, in spite of the recent hype. Quoting sources close to the Nugget star, he writes, Houston holds more...

ESPN: Nets No Better than 25th


In the first installment of its "Summer Buzz", ESPN Insider predicts the Nets will wind up the season as the NBA's 25th best team, just ahead of the Wizards, Pacers, Raptors, Pistons and the lowly...

RealGM: Chemistry, Not Carmelo, Will Put Nets On "Thunder Road"


If the Nets are going to follow Thunder Road (an appropriate Springsteen reference) and model themselves after Oklahoma City, they should focus not on acquiring Carmelo Anthony but developing...

Finding a Home for A.I.


We know these are the dog days of August when there is little NBA news, but suggesting that the Nets take a chance on Allen Iverson? Fran Blinebury of NBA.com does. Maybe he should call Billy King...

Nets Holding On To Hayes' Rights, but Why?


As Dave D'Alessandro reported, the Nets have renounced their rights to all their free agents but Jarvis Hayes, which raises the question, why? They may want to use him in a sign and trade for a...

Mannix: Nets Off-Season a "C-"


Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated is the latest to try his hand at guaging how the Nets did in the off-season. He, like most, sees it as a big disappointment and gives the Nets a C-, better than...

Nets Sign Sean May


Sean May is due in New Jersey Monday to sign his one year, non-guaranteed contract with the Nets. May, 26, will make the veterans minimum of $992,000 this season should he make the team.

When a Star Becomes Available...Cap Space is Crucial


Why hold on to cap space when there are good players out there who could help you? It's all about being ready to move quickly should the opportunity to acquire a big star suddenly arise. The big...

Sean May Signs Non-Guaranteed Deal with Nets


Adrian Wojnarowski, who has broken most of new on Nets moves this off-season, is now reporting that Sean May has agreed to a one-year--and apparently vets minimum contract with New Jersey. May, a...

Hawks Eyeing Boone...for Vet's Minimum


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the Hawks have Josh Boone --along with Francisco Elson and Brian Skinner-- "on their radar" now that Shaquille O'Neal has signed with the Celtics. The...

Russian Invasion Fizzles


Remember the speculation that Mikhail Prokhorov's ownership would lead to a wave of Russian players on the Nets? Didn't happen. In fact the only Russian to sign in the NBA did so with Knicks. Now,...

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