Summer League: Nets v. OKC, July 9, 2009

Hello from sunny Orlando. I'm here at the Orlando Magic's training facility, for today's game against the Thunder. I'm going to try my best to blog the action, but be forewarned: I'm a horrible typer. We'll see how long my laptop battery lasts.

Asked CDR if the Nets plan to win today; he responded, "I sure hope so." He seems pretty chipper.

Warmups right now. Game will start at 3:00, which is in about 20 minutes.

Rod and Kiki just arrived . . . a full house of Nets FO personnel.

Coach Frank is here, laughing and holding a cup of coffee.

OK, game is going to start in about ten minutes.

Some sloppy play, which you're probably seeing on the Magic internet feed.

BJ Mullins is looking very active around the basket for OKC. CDR looks comfortable, but there is a disconnect between two halfs of the team--the nets half and the sixer half--and more often than not they will just pass to their real-life teammamtes. wow--big slam by mullens.

Right now TWill is the only real player on the court for the Nets/sixers. Let's see what happens. he's matched up with Harden, the rookie from ASU.

End of the first quarter. Nets/Sixers getting smashed, 27-12. Westbrook looks good for OKC, as does Mullins, who is just dominating the paint. For the Nets, TWill showed some strong man defense against harden. On offense, he has been hanging out on the perimeter and not moving without the ball.

33-20, with just over 5 minutes left in the half. Jrue with the steal, blocked by westbrook at the rim.

TWill is playing point, and is getting abused by Westbrook. On offense, TWill is taking a few dribbles and tossing a light pass to one of the wings. He's not showing much thus far, when he's not on the break.

Twill picked it up defensively on Westbrook in the last two minutes. Halftime now, with the score 39-33.

Some halftime stats:

TWill: 8 points on 3-of 5 shooting and 3 rebounds. CDR is o-for-1 from the floor for zero points. He does have two assists, though.

Mullens is high man with 12 on 6-for-9.

Beautiful play by TWill--block, dribbles the length of the court for a contested dunk. Very aggressive move.

I'm sitting next to Gregg Polinsky . . .

CDR is starting to look a bit tired. At this point of the week, the games start to take theri toll and exhaustion sets in. At least I'd think so.

Me, I'm starting to get hungry . . . wonder if the buffet is stocked yet. Kiki was eating cookies earlier.

CDR and Twill sitting down to start the fourth. Nets/sixers down by 17 . . . Westbrook, Harden, and Mullens are just dominating the game for OKC.

CDR and TWill reenter with about six minutes left on the clock.

TWill continuing to look more cortable at the point. He's matched up with Westbrook, which is a tough assignment.

Harden has the number 13 on one side of his uniform, and 3 on the other . . .

Game over: 83-62 OKC, just as my battery is down to the fumes. Back tomorrow.

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